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Jobe Watson Wins The 2012 Brownlow Medal

Essendon skipper Jobe Watson has capped off an All Australian year by winning the Brownlow Medal. Watson polled 30 votes to finish ahead of Hawthorn's Sam Mitchell and Richmond's Trent Cotchin (both on 26 votes). Adelaide Crow Scott Thompson and defending

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Essendon skipper Jobe Watson has capped off an All Australian year by winning the Brownlow Medal.

Watson polled 30 votes to finish ahead of Hawthorn's Sam Mitchell and Richmond's Trent Cotchin (both on 26 votes). Adelaide Crow Scott Thompson and defending medalist Dane Swan were on 25 votes.

Watson got off to a flying start in the medal count on the back of Essendon's terrific first half of 2012 and managed to hang on by polling some votes in losing games on the way home to hold off his challengers.

The Essendon star, who is the son of former club champion Tim Watson, was voted the AFL's Best Captain by his peers this season.

Meanwhile, Triple M Adelaide's Warren Tredrea earlier predicted the Brownlow result almost perfectly.

Jobe Watson On Triple M:

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Brownlow Leaderboard:

Jobe Watson - 30

Trent Cotchin - 26

Sam Mitchell - 26

Dane Swan - 25

Scott Thompson - 25

Gary Ablett - 24

Patrick Dangerfield - 23

Dayne Beams - 19

Lenny Hayes - 19

Josh Kennedy - 19

VIDEO: Tredders puts his thinking cap on pre-count.

How Triple M Blogged It:  

22:40PM: Jobe Watson, we salute you!

22:37PM: After round 21 Jobe Watson (30) leads Gary Ablett, Sam Mitchell, Scott Thompson (both on 23). Jobe Watson has WON the Brownlow Medal!

22:28PM: We've been made aware of rumours circulating it's been leaked on the net earlier tonight Jobe Watson wins this Brownlow with 31 votes. We certainly hope the result wasn't leaked.

22:23PM: Jobe Watson has 30 votes and leads Garby Ablett and Sam Mitchell who are both on 23. Three rounds to go!

22:20PM: Jobe Watson (29) polls 3 votes in round 19 in Essendon's loss to Adelaide and leads Gary Ablett (23) by 6 votes and Dane Swan (22) by 5.

22:16PM: Brisbane Lions Tweet: "Awesome effort by Blacky to pass Kevin Murray's club record for career Brownlow votes with his 6 so far tonight." Simon Black = Gun.

22:12PM: Here comes little Gaz! Gary Ablett on 22 now behind Jobe Watson on 26 with 5 rounds to go.

22:10PM: After Round 17 Essendon's Jobe Watson (26) leads Adelaide's Scott Thompson (21) and Gary Ablett (21). Sam Mitchell is on 18 votes.

22:00PM: The AFL, Reach and Stynes Family recognise Daniel Jackson as the first recipient of an award in Jim Stynes' honour. Well done, Dan.

21:52PM: Nice tribute for late Brownlow Medalist Jim Stynes, led by his brother Brian. His old man, Brian Senior - is also present. Rest In Peace, Jimmy!

21:38PM: Scott Thompson (Adelaide varietal) moves to within 7 votes of Jobe Watson (26 votes) after round 15.

Jobe Watson looking good to win his first Brownlow (AFL Media)

21:36PM: Leaderboard After Round 14: Jobe Watson 26 votes, Scott Thompson 18 votes, Gary Ablett 15 votes.

21:28PM: After round 15 Jobe Watson is on an amazing 23 votes. Essendon struggles home alright, but that's a big 8-vote lead over Scott Thompson and Gary Ablett (both on 15).

21:24PM: TV broadcast goes to some kids on a pre-record for their tips. Most of these young blokes probably in bed right now.

21:20PM: Jobe Watson leads the Brownlow Medal count on 20 votes after 11 rounds. Leaderboard: Round 11; Watson 20; Brent Stanton 14; Scott Pendlebury, Scott Thompson, Gary Ablett 12. 

21:18PM: Jason Blake polls his first-ever Brownlow votes (2) and Andrew Demetriou calls him "James". Fair enough, not like he's called his name before.

21:16PM: Jobe Watson averaging a lazy 1.9 votes a game for the first 10 rounds of the season. He's on 19 and leads the Brownlow by 5 votes from team-mate Brent Stanton.

21:09PM: Jobe Watson moves to 17 votes after 9 rounds and is 3 ahead of team-mate Brent Stanton. The Bombers struggle home, however.

21:05PM: Jay Shulz polls a vote. We don't reckon he gives a toss about the Brownlow, he is going home with Anna tonight (photo here).

20:54PM: Sydney's Josh Kennedy is in Sydney and thus we missed his Colombian missus 'Anna' in our gallery above. We'll make it up to you, promise.

20:51PM: Essendon's Jobe Watson (13) and Brent Stanton (11) are running 1-2 in the Brownlow at the moment. Bruce reckons that's the equal-fastest start ever for a player from Jobe. We'll back Bruce in on that one.

20:50PM: Essendon's Jobe Watson leads the Brownlow Medal on 11 votes after round 6. Gary Ablett and the shorter Josh Kennedy are on 9 votes.

20:46PM: We have just decided not to type out the words for numbers anymore as we think forward to a frenetic finish, so five will become 5 from now on.

20:40PM: Dane Swan gets the three votes for his ANZAC Medalist effort against Essendon in round five and Josh Kennedy from Sydney ties Gary Ablett on nine votes.

20:34PM: Gary Ablett is on a perfect nine votes after three rounds of the 2012 Brownlow Medal.

20:27PM: Sydney's Josh Kennedy and Gold Coast's Gary Ablett both have six votes after two rounds.

20:25PM: Both Sydney's Josh Kennedy and West Coast's Josh Kennedy picked up three votes in the first round.

20:20PM: Andrew Demetriou opens the Brownlow Medal count with a tribute to John McCarthy and the clubs he represented.

19:43PM: Judging by the music on the TV broadcast, Triple M's Head Of Rock Shaun Gough was not consulted.

18:55PM: One of the lovely ladies at work just described Brynne Edelsten's outfit as a 'mirror ball that exploded on her boobs' (see the photo in the gallery).

18:20PM: Our reporter Duncan has just posted a beauty of a tweet with Ivan 'Mullet' Maric:

18:07PM: BREAKING NEWS: Brent Guerra has ruled himself out of the Grand Final. More here.

18:04PM: Jonathan Brown tells there are calls in footy circles for players to be more strategic when they 'knock up' their missus'.

17:58PM: Gavin Wanganeen rocks up with his wife Pippa, who is wearing her old wedding dress. Former winner Wanganeen is expecting Jobe Watson to win.

17:53PM: Buddy Franklin tweets his pre-Brownlow update: "Record time getting dressed for Brownlow literally 5 minutes that's the way it should be done ... Sewelly and Birchall looking very handsome"

17:50PM: JB, Billy and Lone Wolf are starting to get a bit heated up watching the Brownlow WAGs strut on the red carpet. Ad-break taken as the trio regroups and regains composure.

17:41PM: Craig Hutchison rolls in with his beautiful American friend, Casey. Using a baseball analogy of how they are going together, Casey says Hutchy and her are 'still in the dugout'.

17:39PM: Patty Dangerfield, who won Triple M Footy's best player award, tweeted this from the changerooms:

17:37PM: Melbourne captain Jack Trengrove and his date, mum Deb, have a chat with Triple M's Rush Hour. Jack's just got back from Bali.

17:25PM: Brian Stynes, Jim's father, had a brief chat to Garry Lyon on Triple M's Rush Hour. Lyon says Jim's Brownlow Medal win was his favourite night.

17:20PM: Retiring Tiger Brad Miller is very proud of his wife, Pia. He posted this photo via his Instagram account, see in the gallery above.

17:15PM: Billy Brownless was unable to answer a tweet in relation to whether Caroline Wilson would be wearing black tie tonight.

17:10PM: Gary Ablett, rumoured to have split with Lauren Phillips, has just tweeted this photo of his date tonight (Jason Davenport) that he appears to have taken in the dunny.

16:30PM: Emma (pictured here) tells Triple M her man Tom Hawkins slipped off for a coffee and she hasn't seen him for a couple of hours.

16:10PM: Garry Lyon has tipped Scott Thompson and Billy Brownless reckons Sam Mitchell will win. JB said Dane Swan will win.

16:05PM: The Triple M Rush Hour has begun broadcasting from the 2012 Brownlow Medal.

12:00PM: Wayne Carey, on Triple M's Midday Premiership Panel, tips Dane Swan to take home another Charlie.

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