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VIDEO: Adelaide Midfielder Scott Thompson's Round 18 High Hit On Geelong Forward Steve Johnson

Watch Adelaide midfielder Scott Thompson's round 18 high hit on Geelong forward Steve Johnson.

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LATEST 31 July 2012:

Tribunal will not sit tonight after all players accepted the sanctions offered by the MRP from the weekend's matches.


The latest from the match review panel, Scott Thompson has been cleared of contact with Steve Johnson. Thompson pushed by Joel Corey into Johnson’s path. Contact outside the control of Thompson.

Other findings from the MRP for round 18:

Nathan van Berlo:
Can accept $900 sanction for contact with umpire Luke Farmer.

Brian Lake:
Can accept $900 for wrestling Stephen Milne.

Neville Jetta:
Can accept 1-match ban for front-on contact to L Thomas.

Lindsay Thomas:
Can accept 2 games for rough conduct on D Nicholson.

Lindsay Gilbee:
Reprimand for striking S Fisher.

Darren Glass:
Can accept 1 game,rough conduct on J Brown.Penalty impacted 5-year good record.

Simon Black ($900) and Scott Selwood ($1800) can accept fines for wrestling each other.

Jarryd Roughead:
Cleared contact Brent Stanton. Impact was below that required to constitute a reportable offence.

Jack Trengove:
Cleared contact J Macmillan.Momentum of both players sees them go to ground. Tackle ruled not unreasonable in circumstances.

Andrew Carazzo:
Cleared contact umpire D Margetts. Umpire headed out of play on angle.No negligence by Carazzo.

Trent McKenzie:
Cleared contact umpire Craig Fleer. Pair both watching play and do not see each other. No negligence by McKenzie.

Karmichael Hunt:
Cleared contact B McGlynn. Hunt was contesting ball and did not have a realistic alternative way to do so.

Matthew Pavlich:
Cleared contact D Pearce. Pavlich makes realistic attempt to contest ball and had no alternative way to contest the ball.

Beau Wilkes:
Cleared contact D Cross. The forward momentum of players saw both fall to ground. Tackle was not unreasonable in circumstances.

Stephen Milne:
Cleared contact Brian LakeLiam Picken and Robert Murphy.

Leigh Montagna:
Cleared contact D Pearce after MRP investigation with both players determined Montagna’s action was not a striking motion.


Could Adelaide midfielder Scott Thompson's round 18 high hit on Geelong forward Steve Johnson in the opening seconds of Saturdays match upset his chances as a Brownlow favourite?

This is what the Triple M Footy team had to say during Saturday's call.

"If it is head high contact it's accidental, he didn't leave the ground," Wayne Carey said.

"What they'll look at Duck is what other option did Scotty Thompson have," Danny Frawley went on to say.

"So he's in trouble, the match review panel will look at is what other option did he have, he had an option to go at the ball or tackle."

"Well he didn't have to hit him," Carey said.

Watch the video above and see what you think.

Tags: Adelaide Crows, Geelong, Cats, Scott Thompson, Steve Johnson

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