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Sports Presenter Caught Thrusting

Embarrassing moment as cricket commentator caught gesticulating

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Sports presenter and cricket commentator Yvonne Sampson has been caught performing a sexual motion on live TV.

When the commentators decided to cut to Sampson in the crowds during a state cricket game at North Sydney Oval she appeared to be halfway through a telling story and with began... shall we say... thrusting.

"She's talking footy," covered the commentators with raucous laughter being heard from within the booth.


''I was telling the story of how we were throwing mini Christmas trees in the studio one time when a cameraman was caught thrusting away on one,'' Sampson told Triple M. 

"After working in journalism for 12 years you would have thought hard work would make you a superstar," Yvonne joked on Triple M's Grill Team.

"But no just make a tit of yourself at the cricket and you're an instant superstar."

The clip has gone viral much to Yvonne's self-declared embarrassment with over 600,000 hits on YouTube Friday am.

"The whole world thinks Chris Lynn and I are dating and I haven't even met the guy."

Yvonne Sampson On Grill Team

Tags: Yvonne Sampson, Funny, YouTube, Viral, Ryobi Cup

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