Posted: 1 November, 2016 by Cricket Newsroom

Disabled Cricketer Loses His Leg And KEEPS Fielding


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This might be the best bit of fielding we'll see all summer.

English physical disabilities cricketer Liam Thomas was fielding at deep backward square in a Twenty20 against Pakistan last week when the Pakistani batsman swept the ball to his right.

With the ball hurtling towards the boundary, Thomas had no choice but to dive and stop the ball.

Thomas got his hand to the ball and stopped a boundary, but in doing so, Thomas's prosthetic leg came right off.

Did it stop him?

Of course not.

On just one leg, Thomas hops over to the ball, picks it up and lets fly from the boundary in a miraculous bit of play.

It wasn't enough for England - Pakistan chased down their target of 137 with four balls to spare.

Absolutely stunning nonetheless!

Tags: Cricket

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