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Dean Yendall Drops MORE Hilariously Inappropriate Comments After Myer Classic Win


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Remember when jockey Dean Yendall joined Triple M's Dead Set Legends and told the boys way too much information about his "massive horn"?

His horn's at it again!

Yendall rode I Am A Star to victory in the Myer Classic, and once again had zero filter in w loose post-win interview.

"Mate, I have got a raging horn right now!" he exclaimed.

"It is the best."

Interviewer Sam Hyland told him "you are mad".

The comments received a bit of attention - Yendall was called to the stewards room to explain himself.

However, he escaped unscathed and unpenalised.

"What do you expect when you have a microphone thrust in your face straight after a race?" Victoria's chief steward Terry Bailey told News Corp.

"It is a time when emotions can get the better of you."


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Tags: Racing, Dean Yendall

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