Posted: 11 November, 2013

Slater Attacked In Nightclub

CCTV footage emerges of nightclub incident involving Kangaroos star

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CCTV Footage: Billy Slater nightclub incident Video: Channel Seven

Channel Seven has received CCTV footage of the incident involving Kangaroos star Billy Slater outside a UK nightclub. Watch the clip above. 

Triple M's Grill Team were divided after watching the CCTV footage with Mark Geyer saying Billy should have found a way to walk away admitting it was a lot easier in his day when there were no mobiles.

However Matty Johns disagreed wholeheartedly saying Billy is a good bloke.

"You can't blame a person for being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Cue massive debate and division on the Grill Team.

Billy Slater's Wife Issues Statement

Nicole Slater posted the above statement on her instagram account.

Kangaroos fullback Billy Slater says he just wants to put the nightclub attack behind him and get the focus back on their Rugby League World Cup campaign and not himself.

While he didn't want to go into details about the incident in Manchester, Billy's wife took to Instagram to condemn the king hit after he returned to the pub to collect a jacket he forgot.

"I'm not going to go into the details," Billy Slater told a packed press conference in England.

"I think the focus is on the wrong things already and I don't want to escalate it."

Billy Slater has been cleared of any wrongdoing confirming he was not going to press charges but Triple M's Mark Geyer says that is exactly what he should do.

"He's done nothing wrong he should press charges. How often do we hear rugby league players or sportsmen doing the wrong thing and they all say they shouldn't be here they shouldn't be there. Well Billy Slater has done nothing wrong here whatsoever."

Billy Slater Speaks Out

NRL Statement

Australian Rugby League team management has confirmed Billy Slater was detained by police Sunday morning and has been released without charge.

After reviewing CCTV footage of a scuffle outside a Manchester nightclub, police have determined that Slater was the victim who then acted in self-defence and has informed him of his right to press charges.

Billy was returning to the venue to collect his jacket that he left behind when he was attacked. Both men were detained for several hours while police reviewed footage of the incident.

The Australian team players were free of official duties after returning from Ireland.

Earlier On Triple M

Kangaroos and Melbourne Storm star Billy Slater has reportedly been detained by police in England.

Details are sketchy right now but it's believed Slater was allegedly involved in an after hours incident.

Apparently Police took Slater into custody overnight after a scuffle in Manchester, however there has been no official statement released yet.

Slater posted the below video only a day ago, but the only crime in this footage appears to be Greg Bird's singing.

Tags: Billy Slater, Rugby League World Cup, Melbourne Storm, Kangaroos, King Hit

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