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Alex McKinnon's 8-Week Update

Alex McKinnon gives us an update on his recovery

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Knights Official Statement

The Newcastle Knights spoke to Alex McKinnon for an update on his recovery, eight weeks after he suffered a spinal injury in Melbourne.

Alex has reasonable movement in his upper limbs but as yet still no fine motor control use of his hands. He still has no consistent controlled movement below his waist however he has had some weak signs of lower limb muscle contraction over the last week, which of course is a positive sign.

As a result, his physiotherapy now includes an exercise, which involves an assisted partial straightening of his legs (which Alex refers to as a ‘squat’ in his update) on a tilted table that removes the resistance of gravity.

Alex remains upbeat and focused on his rehabilitation but also realistic that his recovery is unknown for up to two years.

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Alex McKinnon's First Interview

Having seen the interview Alex McKinnon did on Knights TV last Friday (which you can see above), Matty Johns and MG talk about what a true inspiration the young Knights player is.

"Isn't [Alex] an inspiration. It's little wonder he's on the improve with such a positive attitude," said Matty, on Triple M's Grill Team. Listen to the full audio below.

Matty Johns on Alex McKinnon

Earlier On Triple M

Newcastle Knights forward Alex McKinnon has appeared in his first interview since his spinal injury just over a month ago.

McKinnon, 22, remarked that things hadn't been easy and progress was slow but he had been given incredible support by his family, fiancee and the rugby league community.

"I have come a long way in the four weeks, I've got a lot more movement back in my right arm and a lot more movement back in my left arm," he told Knights TV.

"It's just a matter of time before hopefully a bit more movement in my legs, I've got a great sensation and feeling through my legs. It's a lot of positive signs."
As we have come to know, McKinnon's humility and personality rang through the interview as he thanked those who have supported him. McKinnon said he had been "overwhelmed" by the support from teammates, nurses, Knights fans and supporters.

"At the start it was pretty overwhelming, I was in tears a fair bit and I didn't understand why so many people wanted to help me," he said.

"But Wayne (Bennett) made it pretty clear to be about why so many people wanted to help and I really would like to thank them eventually once I'm back." Watch the full interview below.

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