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Posted: 15 August, 2014 by Triple M NRL

Eels Salary Cap Investigation

Matty Johns believes if there is an issue it's on a minor scale

Tags: Parramatta Eels, Darcy Lussick

parramatta eels salary cap

Parramatta Eels under NRL investigation Photo: Getty Images

The NRL is reportedly launching a salary cap investigation into the Parramatta Eels over an apartment and links to disgraced former Labor heavyweight Eddie Obeid.

It's believed they've received information that Parramatta prop Darcy Lussick bought a $600,000 apartment from a company connected to the Obeid family.

"A year earlier the apartment was purchased by the Obeid's for $630,000, so if there is any skullduggery, it's on the minor scale," said Matty Johns, on Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

It seems it was a $30,000 discount for a marquee player to go to Parramatta. Matty believes it's not a massive breach, unlike what's happening at the Broncos. Listen to the full audio below.

Matty Johns On Triple M

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