Posted: 21 October, 2016

Honeymoon On The Back-burner As Four Nations Looms

Tags: Josh Mansour, Aaron Woods

For recently married Roos Aaron Woods and Josh Mansour, the honeymoon isn't over - it never got started.

Both have been called up for the Kangaroos' Four Nations squad, and despite tying the knot with their respective partners last weekend, they've had to love and leave them for rep duties.

“She would obviously like me to stay back (in Australia), but in saying that she’s really happy for me to be part of the tour,” Mansour told The Triple M NRL Rush Hour. Listen to the full report below

“We’ll probably delay the honeymoon for now and hopefully have a successful tour.

“My main focus is just footy now, she knows that, it’s a huge honour to be part of this team.

“You don’t get many opportunities to play for the Kangaroos so I really want to make the most of it and at the end I can focus on my honeymoon.

“At the moment I’m thinking of travelling Europe, I’ve never done it before so while I’m over there I might as well experience it.

“I’m planning to get her over to England in the third week of the tour and then we can go and travel together after the final.”

For Woods, the lure of a European honeymoon is hopefully enough to make up for the absence.

“She wasn’t too happy when it was all happening,” Woods said, according to

“I told her we’ll go away in Europe afterwards so that got me some good browny points.

“She’ll probably come over for the last week, watch a bit of footy, do some shopping and we’ll go and travel somewhere.”

Tags: Josh Mansour, Aaron Woods

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