Posted: 31 October, 2016

Gus Gould Slams Bennett Over This Shocker Of An Interview

Tags: Wayne Bennett, Phil Gould, Four Nations

Phil Gould has blasted Wayne Bennett over his behaviour during a press conference as England coach, labelling it "typical Wayne rubbish" that looked "ridiculous" given his position of standing in the Four Nations tournament.

In a press conference in the lead up Sunday morning's clash with New Zealand, Bennet gave little information to the reporters, instead opting for very brief responses.

When asked what his message was for the team ahead of the game, Bennett said "just have some belief in themselves".

And the reason for picking Johnny Lomax at fullback? 

"I just thought he does a couple of things I like."

Gus Gould wasn't impressed.

“Typical Wayne rubbish interview that he gives,” Gould said on Channel Nine.

“I don’t know what gets him in that mood sometimes.

“He’s there to promote the game, he’s been given a wonderful opportunity for England and to do something for English rugby league and he gives an interview like that. It’s ridiculous.

The interview was reminiscent of this shocking effort from Darius Boyd a few years back for the Dragons. See the video below.

Tags: Wayne Bennett, Phil Gould, Four Nations

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