Posted: 7 August, 2012 by Dave-O

Andrew Voss On The Sunday Roast: "We Lost The Glue That Held The Show Together"

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Like the band getting back together, Andrew Voss joined the Triple M Grill Team to co-host today's show while Gus Worland's in London.

We were excited to have Vossy on the show because it's been a bludger of a year for one of footy's most-loved commentators. He's still at Channel Nine but his much loved Sunday Roast footy show is no longer on-air.

The Sunday Roast was one of footy's most popular shows because of its funny take on league. It was Vossy's baby. He hosted it and produced it. So what happened?

"We lost the glue that held the show together - and that's you MG," laughed Vossy.

"Once you left, the show crumbled. They said 'look, no MG, no show'. It's time to go in a new direction."

LISTEN: Vossy Interview

(Can't play audio above? Download the MP3 here)

Tags: Andrew Voss, NRL

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