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Andrew Voss Ready To Move On After Ray Hadley Apologises Over Ray Warren Statue Controversy

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Andrew Voss is happy to move on now Ray Hadley has apologised to him over comments the latter made about him in the wake of a disagreement over a Ray Warren tribute statue.

Voss's statement of claim said Hadley had defamed him by questioning his loyalty to Warren and his worth as a person, The Daily Telegraph reported. Voss had earlier questioned the statue's likeness to Warren on Channel Nine's The Sunday Roast program in August last year.

On Friday, Hadley aired this apology on his 2GB program: "I accept my criticism was unwarranted and I regret making them."

"I want to apologise to Andrew Voss and his family for any hurt and distress my comments may have caused them."

Channel Nine and 2GB paid for the Warren statue, which was erected in Junee.

The details of the settlement are confidential, but Voss is now satisfied the matter is over.

Triple M, August 7

Like the band getting back together, Andrew Voss joined the Triple M Grill Team to co-host today's show while Gus Worland's in London.

We were excited to have Vossy on the show because it's been a bludger of a year for one of footy's most-loved commentators. He's still at Channel Nine but his much loved Sunday Roast footy show is no longer on-air.

The Sunday Roast was one of footy's most popular shows because of its funny take on league. It was Vossy's baby. He hosted it and produced it. So what happened?

"We lost the glue that held the show together - and that's you MG," laughed Vossy.

"Once you left, the show crumbled. They said 'look, no MG, no show'. It's time to go in a new direction."

LISTEN: Vossy Interview

Triple M, March 12

Andrew Voss has been dumped by Channel Nine with the network dropping him from Friday Night footy call and The Sunday Roast to cover the Queensland Cup.

"To see the Roast without Andrew Voss, it just isn't the same," his former co-host on the show Mark 'MG' Geyer told the Triple M Sydney's Grill Team.

MG continued "a lot of people don't like him. He rubs people up the wrong way but he loves his footy. It's his baby."

With no official statement forthcoming from Channel Nine, footy fans alike can only wonder about Vossy's absence.

Speculation arose after Ray Hadley was the second caller behind Ray 'Rabs' Warren for the Broncos Vs Cowboys Friday night footy game.

The rumour mill then went into overdrive when Vossy failed to appear on the 'The Sunday Roast' with his popular segment 'Stuff That You May Have Missed' being given to Darryl Brohman.

Instead Vossy was in Wynnum, Brisbane preparing to call the Round 1 Queensland Cup Game.

Vossy took to Twitter to explain his absence "Thanks for the support everyone. I am just a footy fan who has had the best job in the world. The Roast was huge fun for the last 6yrs."

Andrew Voss Dumped By Channel Nine

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