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Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg Talks Mad Monday Controversy

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Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg joined Triple M Sydney's The Rush Hour to talk about his club's ugly Mad Monday celebrations.

"It's fair to say in simple terms we're really disappointed with the comments," Greenberg told Ray 'Rabs' Warren.

CEO Greenberg confirmed he had spoken personally with the Channel 9 female journalist at the centre of the abuse.

"We're not perfect, nor are our players and our staff. We will get it wrong occasionally. We got is wrong yesterday [Monday)," Greenberg offered up.

Todd said there was a "range of different people" taking part in the Mad Monday celebrations at Belmore stadium and the investigation was still ongoing.

"The audio is a little scratchy and we can't really put names to the audio at the moment," Greenberg said on Triple M Sydney.

"To be fair to the players that camera and the crew and the audio was taken a good distance away from where they were standing so it's hard to understand who may have been there at that time."

Greenberg added that Belmore was chosen as it was a private place and away from a licensed bar, a place where players could "do there own thing for that one day of the year."

However he understood the media's hunger for real-time photos particularly in the digital age but was "disappointing to see helicopters going over the top of the ground to get shots."

"We understand but doesn't mean you have to like it though," Greenberg added.

LISTEN: Greenberg On The Rush Hour

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Tags: Todd Greenberg, Bulldogs, Mad Monday

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