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How Can James Graham Plead Not Guilty?

Tags: James Graham, Biting, Judicary, Todd Greenberg

James Graham gets put on report over biting allegation. Video: You Tube/Channel Nine

A bemused Gus Worland has taken to the airwaves to ask how it is possible Bulldogs forward James Graham can plead not guilty over the biting incident in Sunday's Grand Final.

"How can he possibly plead not guilty?, Gus asked co-host Matty Johns on Triple M Sydney.

"We all saw it, then we saw it in replay 10 seconds later, we've all seen it a million times this week," Gus claimed.

"He nibbled on the ear of Slater so he's guilty so how can he plead not guilty?," Gus asked.

Matty Johns just couldn't leave Gus hanging there and added his 'breaking news'.

"I can reveal exclusively here on the Grill Team that the man that will be representing James Graham is OJ Simpson's lawyer," laughed Matty Johns.

Matty Johns said it would be interesting with even Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg telling Triple M's The Rush Hour that "it's difficult obviously because the pictures are quite damning."

Johns says they're going to head to the NRL judiciary tonight and "play silly buggers and hope for six to eight weeks."

"I think he's looking at around 10," Matty added.

LISTEN: Greenberg On James Graham

(Can't play audio above? Download the MP3 here)


Tags: James Graham, Biting, Judicary, Todd Greenberg

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