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Laurie Daley Named NSW State Of Origin Coach

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Laurie Daley has been named the NSW Blues coach.

NSWRL Chairman, Mr John Chalk, announced on Tuesday Daley has been appointed as coach of the Blues for the next two years.

The nine-member NSWRL Board made the decision after interviewing applicants at Rugby League Central on Tuesday.

Daley has been assistant coach of the New South Wales Blues and coach of the Country Origin team and is a former Blues team selector.

He resigned as a selector in 2010 after five consecutive series defeats.

Triple M, August 6:

Ricky Stuart has announced he will not coach the NSW State Of Origin side next year after signing on with the embattled Parramatta Eels. This morning, Triple M's Matty Johns and Mark "MG" Geyer discussed potential alternative coaches.

According to Johns' inside sources "Phil Gould will almost certainly not do it", despite being hotly rumoured to step into the Blues coach's chair for the 2013 series.

LISTEN: MG, Matty Johns On 2013 Blues Coach

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"I've gone on record saying it should be a joint venture between Laurie Daley and Brad Fittler, and I look in the paper [today] and see the candidates are Laurie Daley and Trent Barrett, with Freddie Fittler also in the mix," Geyer said.

"I've just thought of who would probably be the best candidate for the job - and that's Bob Fulton."

"I've been coached by 'Bozo' at Australian level, and he's up there with Gould as far as man management is concerned - he just demands respect," Geyer added.

"I think it's one of those ones where you'd question whether Bozo would want to do it, and need to do it," Johns ruminated, acknowledging the legendary legacy Bob 'Bozo' Fulton has already created for himself.

"What about [Fulton] as the main man, with Laurie and Freddie under him?" Geyer proposed.

"Well, that's right," Johns said. 

"Jimmy Dymock gets a mention [in today's newspaper story] there too, he [also] deserves a mention," Johns continued.

"Jimmy Dymock has done a hell of a lot in State Of Origin camp, and I tell you - his role in what has been a great year for the Bulldogs has been underestimated," Johns said.

"It's going to be really interesting. You've got Laurie there, who has only coached at country Origin. You've got Trent Barrett who hasn't coached at all, and you've got Freddy Fittler. Can you rule any of those [options] out?" Johns continued.

"I don't think so, I think they're all in the mix somewhere. If you're going to go for a head coach out of one of them, none of them stand out as the main man," Geyer said thoughtfully.

"As a joint venture, yeah, but as the main man, I think we need someone like a Gould or a Fulton," Geyer added.

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