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Matty Johns & Eddie McGuire: Melbourne State Of Origin Will Be "Sensational"

The State Of Origin will be held in Melbourne this year, a prospect that has Triple M's Eddie McGuire and Matty Johns rejoicing. What do you think?

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The State Of Origin's first game will be held in Melbourne this year, with the Victorian government reportedly looking to lock down hosting the series for the next few years. It's a prospect that has left Origin fans in New South Wales scratching their heads, but Triple M's Eddie McGuire and Matty Johns declaring it a "sensational" move.

"I think it would be sensational, personally," Triple M Melbourne's Eddie McGuire told The Grill Team this morning, noting that he is involved in the decision-making process as a Board member of Victorian Major Events.

"From a Triple M and sports lovers' point of view, it would be wonderful," Eddie continued. "Obviously, the main thing behind all these major events is to get people from interstate and overseas and television exposure into your city, and there's no doubt the State Of Origin is building here... People love the Melbourne Storm. If you're going to get it on prime time TV all the time in Melbourne, and get all those Melbourne businesses involved in the game, you do have to take it outside."

"Over the years, we've seen a build-up of the State Of Origin. The games now rate, they're played live into Melbourne, and that could well be the future. Look, it's up to the rugby league commission to make the decision... we usually have two games in Sydney or Brisbane, this year, it's one, one and one. That could well be a good template," Eddie added.

"I think it's sensational, I think the game owes the State Government of Victoria a great thank you," Triple M's Matty Johns agreed.

"The State Government of New South Wales have just about decimated some of our rugby league clubs. Sydney City Council do very little for the game, and there's been a great complacency here. If they want to stump up the money, let's take it there," Matty continued.

"We can't sell out a game here in Sydney. I don't know what we're bitching about. We've got to get real about the whole situation," Triple M's Mark "MG" Geyer chipped in.

"I think the thing is, if it comes to the MCG, it also gives you the bragging rights of saying, 'Listen, State Of Origin is one of the biggest attended games. The TV ratings are phenomenal, you don't have to pump up State Of Origin... You get there, you get 90,000 at the MCG and the place comes alive," Eddie concluded.

What do you think?

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