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Matty Johns & Mark Geyer: What Was Behind Parramatta Eels Shock Win?

Triple M's Matty Johns and Mark "MG" Geyer discuss the reasons behind the Parramatta Eels' shock return to form in last night's game against the Brisbane Broncos.

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The Parramatta Eels took out the Brisbane Broncos 42-22 at Suncorp Stadium last night in a shock return to form for the embattled club.

"Someone's taking the piss, aren't they?" Triple M's Matty Johns said on the Grill Team this morning in the wake of the Eels' long-awaited second win in a row, and a poor showing by the Broncos.

"The Broncos are really tired. They were the fittest, strongest, fastest young team in the competition, now they're looking so ragged, so tired, their defence was non-existent," Johns continued.

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"But the story is Parramatta. [Ex-coach] Stephen Kearney would be watching that game with a single tear rolling down his cheek," Johns added.

"Not a lot has changed from a training perspective, [caretaker coach] Brad [Arthur] just came in and is more about man management," Eels forward Reni Maitua said from the sideline last night, when discussing how the team had been affected by the departure of coach Steven Kearney.

"I think more than Reni having a dig at Stephen Kearney, I think it's a reflection of how the side feels overall. As far as man management is concerned, Steven Kearney might have some faults as a coach, every coach does, even the best of them. But I don't think man management would be one of them," Johns ruminated.

"I just think it's ironic that the first time the Broncos have a Monday night game, who have played every game this year on Friday night, [it's a case of] welcome to the real world [for the] Broncos," Triple M's Mark "MG" Geyer responded.

"This is what it's about, having the whole weekend to just watch footy, and all of a sudden, you've got to play Monday, that's what happens to them," Geyer added.

"Obviously there's been some speculation about why they've won, a lot of it to do with Steven Kearney," Johns fired back.

"There's been plenty of stuff on Facebook and Twitter which I think reflects a lot of the feeling out there, eg: "The Eels were under-performing earlier this season just so Steven Kearney could get the sack, running dead," Johns said.

"That's a big accusation. You don't know what was behind that win last night, I would dare say with Ricky Stuart heading there... self interest.

What do you think is the real reason the Eels took out the Broncos last night?

Tags: Matty Johns, Mark Geyer

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