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Matty Johns: Parramatta's Lost That Winning Feeling, Storm Now Premiership Favourite

Triple M's Matty Johns says the Parramatta Eels have lost their way after another poor showing against the Melbourne Storm.

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Triple M's Matty Johns says the Parramatta Eels have "lost that winning feeling" after another poor showing against a resurrected Melbourne Storm at last night's Monday Night Footy game where the Storm turned around the Eels' massive 18-nil lead.

"Mate, it's happened so much too us. It's so hard. To give up a lead like that but like I said to Hindy after the gameā€¦ I'm speechless," Parra player Luke Burt said after the crushing game.

As Monday Night Footy host Sterlo said, "the class of [the Storm's] playmakers got them home."

In fact, the Melbourne Storm have emerged as the Triple M favourite to win the 2011 NRL premiership, much to the surprise of former NRL greats, Triple M's Matty Johns and Mark "MG" Geyer.

Geyer and Johns were both horrified by the salary cap rort when it emerged, but can't help but acknowledge their solid performance this season.

"Look at Jeremy Smith. When this side went above the salary cap, they were caught out, they did the wrong thing," Matty Johns said.

"A lot of these boys they picked up were offcuts from other clubs. Even back then, those championship-winning sides.

"Jeremy Smith, no-one wanted to touch him. He goes to Melbourne, [he's a] Grand Final winner, wins the World Cup with New Zealand.

"All of a sudden he's described as the best back-rower in the game!" Johns explained.

"When this happened with the Melbourne Storm, I thought uh-oh, this could be the end of rugby league in Melbourne. It's been the opposite.

"Down in Melbourne, they viewed it as a NSW conspiracy, the salary cap drama.

"It gave them great traction, a lot of sympathy, now they're on a roll.

You can just imagine now, every player involved in the Melbourne Storm organization," Triple M's Mark "MG" Geyer said.

"They've got their middle finger cocked and ready to salute all those who said to them, including me, that they should be kicked out of the NRL forever," Geyer added. 

"I think now, they're all forgiven. Because the players had nothing to do with it and they're playing sensational footy," Geyer remarked.

Who'll win the 2011 premiership?

Tags: Matty Johns, NRL, Parramatta Eels, Melbourne Storm

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