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Matty Johns: Why The Eels Sacked Stephen Kearney

Triple M's Matty Johns tells us why the Eels showed the coach the door.

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Shockwaves through the Eels camp last night with the news that Parramatta will officially sack coach Stephen Kearney today.

Since joining the Eels in 2011, Kearney has struggled with a record of nine wins from 41 matches.

Matty Johns from the Triple M Grill Team says the Eels players obviously didn't buy into Kearney's coaching methods.

"You put a coach into a place and one of two things happen - they either buy into him or they don't. What we're seeing at the Bulldogs with Des Hasler is players buying in big time and you get the feeling the Parramatta players never really bought into Stephen Kearney's methods and for that I feel for him," he said.

"He's shown at international level he's a quality coach, but he's the wrong coach for that team."

Matty said the board have sacked him now to show current Blues coach Ricky Stuart there's a job there for him if he wants it.

"They're quickly clearing the decks for Ricky Stuart. I was told by someone close to Ricky last week that he hasn't spoken to any clubs. There's been three clubs that have shown interest Ricky Stuart - one is Canberra, one is Parramatta, and I don't know who the other club is," he said of the former Eels great.

"If I was Ricky I'd go to Canberra. It's a perfect fit for Ricky. I look at Parramatta and as a playing group and as a board they're all over the place. There's far too many fractures in that football club at the moment."

So who will replace Stephen Kearney if Ricky Stuart turns down the Eels?

"Brett Kenny has come out and said 'I'd love to coach the side for the rest of the year to show what I can do'," he said.

"A lot of the 'smarties' out there snub their nose at Brett Kenny because he doesn't talk 'coach speak'... [But] Brett Kenny is a winner.

"They're saying they're gonna keep Stephen Kearney 'till the end of the year but I don't know if that's gonna work."

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