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NRL Star Johnathan Thurston Caught Up In New York As Hurricane Sandy Batters City

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Cowboys star Johnathan Thurston has spoken to Triple M about being trapped in New York whilst superstorm Sandy batters the entire eastern seaboard of the USA.

JT says that the streets are deserted, shops are closed and the subway is down. He said "Sandy's done a hell of a job on New York City. It's ripped through the city."

When Thuston spoke to Matty Johns, MG and Gus he said "I was watching the Monday night footy, having a few beers in the hotel room and didn't think too much of it. I was a little bit naive because I've experienced Yasi in Queensland so I went to sleep. When I turned the news on there were deaths and a lot of devestation."

The airports are closed, so Thuston can't get out of New York at the moment. But here's hoping he'll be back safely soon.

LISTEN: JT In New York

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Earlier On Triple M

Johnathan Thurston says people are "shitting bricks" after being holed up in New York as superstorm Sandy sets in.

"We're bunkering's very quiet when we look outside, not much activity, I think everyone is shitting bricks quietly," the Cowboys player told the club's website.

Thurston, who is holidaying in the Big Apple with his partner Sam admitted Sandy had forced them to change their travel plans with the couple forced to "bunker down."

LISTEN: JT Talks Sandy, Cranes And Voodoos

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