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Paul Gallen On The Real Shire

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Footage from the controversial show The Shire, Channel Ten

Cronulla Sharks captain Paul Gallen told us what he thought, what he really really thought of the new Aussie TV show 'The Shire'.

"I'm only thinking they started the first show low so they can get better," Gallen told Triple M Brisbane.

The Sharks captain said some of the boys had been talking about the show in training and he might have to reign a few of them in.

"Isaac De Gois likes those two girls. I might have to keep them away from here," Gallen joked.

The NRL player who grew up in the Western Suburbs but now lives in Cronulla asked "not to be put in that class people," when asked what real Shire was like.

When asked if he would buy an album by Riff Raff, the rapper in the show, Gallen said he "hadn't heard of him before."

"I enjoyed the part where the bloke walked into the house and he said 'oh the rap game must be going ok' and he claimed his parents house," Gallen laughed.

LISTEN: Paul Gallen on The Shire

Despite describing the show as "funny" adding some of the "blokes and a few of the girls look quite good knock-out people," Gallen said it portrayed the area "a little bit over the top."

"It isn't what the place is all about. It's a great place to live and I don't think it came across too well."

"It's definitely not a richy snobby area, people work hard for what they've got there and it just didn't come across well I thought," Paul added.


Tags: Paul Gallen, The Shire

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