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Penrith's Travis Burns 'In Tears' Over 17 Week Suspension, Inglis' Club To Fight His Ban

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Greg Inglis faces a five-match ban after being charged with grade 4 careless high tackle charge on Dean Young, while Penrith's Travis Burns faces 17 weeks for a high hit on Martin Kennedy, and four weeks stemming from another incident (grade 2 dangerous contact on the Roosters' Mose Masoe).

Burns will miss 12 weeks in total with an early plea while Inglis can accept a four-match ban with an early plea. South Sydney may also elect to dispute the grading of Inglis' charge, which could result in a reduced suspension if the appeal is successful.

LISTEN: Johns & Geyer On Burns & Inglis

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"Does Greg Inglis deserve 5 weeks on the sideline?" Triple M's Matty Johns asked Mark "MG" Geyer on Triple M's Grill Team this morning.

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"No way. I see this is the first way they're going to try and outlaw the shoulder charge. What better way than to have an elite player like Greg Inglis on the sideline for four or five weeks, with a tackle that's gone wrong. Other tackles this year [that have gone wrong] have received one or two weeks maximum," Geyer stated firmly.

"It's absolutely not fair to just make an example of an elite player to say 'this is what the policy will be,' when Wade Graham did it, Ben T'eo did it, Frankie Pritchard did it... then all of a sudden you're going to hit Greg Inglis on the eve of the finals series with a six week suspension," Johns responded.

"Travis Burns is facing 17 weeks on the sideline," Matty Johns said ruefully.

"I spoke to Travis Burns yesterday, he was basically in tears. He said, 'If I cop 17 weeks, my career is over,'" Johns said on Triple M.

"Does he deserve 17 weeks for the chicken wing and the high tackle?" Johns asked.

"No. What they're saying is that since 1998, that's the third worst incident we've seen behind Danny Williams and John Hopoate, who got 18 and 17 weeks respectively," Geyer said.

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"I think he had a brain explosion, the chicken wing was just so out of character for him. Then the hit on Martin Kennedy, that was premeditated and high, but he should have got only six weeks for that," Geyer said.

"17 weeks, one of the biggest suspensions ever handed out... I cannot believe it, I think the Panthers will go and fight it. I think South Sydney will go and fight for Greg Inglis (looking for a downgrade). I'd be shocked if they don't get it," Johns fired back.

"I think Travis should spend 8 weeks on the sideline, maximum. I think Greg Inglis should spend two weeks," Johns suggested. "I'm with him," Geyer added.

What do you think?

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