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Robbie Farah Subjected To Vile Twitter Abuse

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UPDATE: Robbie Farah Media Statement

Wests Tigers rugby league captain Robbie Farah has made a statement about a vile comment he received on his Twitter account last night.

Farah has provided a report to NSW Police who are looking into the matter. The vile comment referred to his mother Sonia Farah, who passed away in June.

“I was very shocked and appalled to receive this vile comment on my twitter account last night,’’ Farah said.

“Whilst I’m all for banter on Twitter and people expressing their opinions, this was personal about my late mother who I am still grieving about.

“As a rugby league player, I understand people are going to have different opinions about me, my football club, or the weekend’s results, and I accept that by putting myself on Twitter.

“I know I will get positive and negative messages and I need to be accountable for the way I respond to these comments.

“However the tweet I received last night clearly crossed the line and was personal abuse of the worst possible kind, not only to myself but my family.

“I understand NSW Police do have some powers to take action against people who post abusive comments online and I appreciate the efforts they are making.

“However I encourage the Federal Government to strengthen social media laws so that these cowards are made accountable for their actions and people can be protected from the kind of disgusting personal abuse that I have received.”

EARLIER:: High-profile comedian, Wil Anderson, had a strong view on Twitter trolling in the wake of vile abuse directed at NRL star Robbie Farah, which the NSW Premier is taking action over (more on that below).

"People have always said bad things behind people's backs, that's not a thing that Twitter invented or Facebook invented…but what people do on Twitter, is they'll be mean, and they'll include your name in there so that person sees that," said Anderson on Triple M's Grill Team.

"If you're going to be mean, be mean behind someone's back, but don't include them in so when they're just going to their normal Twitter account to be nice to other people they have to see such horrible abuse."

"I'm not saying it would be appropriate for this guy to say what he's said on Twitter at all, but if he just said it on his own page to his three followers then it's not an issue and it doesn't get anyone else involved."

EARLIER: West Tigers star Robbie Farah has been subjected to vile abuse on social networking site, Twitter.

Mark Geyer described seeing a lot of activity on Twitter concerning the West Tigers' star around 6pm last night.

"Some keyboard ninja had gotten on there and written very ordinary about his late mum," MG described.

The internet 'troll' had posted a tweet concerning Robbie Farah's late mother and was sexually explicit.

MG reasoned as a high profile account holder you understand there are "going to be some haters and there are going to be some lovers out there."

"But in this case the person has gone way too far and they should be brought to justice," MG added.

NSW premier Barry O'Farrell called in to the show and agreed with MG saying "we need to send a strong message that this is absolutely unacceptable."

"If you're not prepared to say it to someone's face you shouldn't be tweeting it or sending it some other electronic way," Premier O'Farrell added.

LISTEN: NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell On Twitter Trolls

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