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Russell Crowe Walks Away From The Rabbitohs

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South Sydney Rabbitohs has confirmed Russell Crowe will be selling his 37 and a half percent share in the club, he's hoping it'll be bought by the end of next year.

South Sydney say they're in their healthiest financial position and Club CEO Shane Richardson says they're not worries about the change and is confident that Russell will never be gone completely.

Club chairman Nick Pappas says there are no hard feelings about Rusty leaving and says the latest news does not mean there will be a for sale sign out the front of the club.

Earlier On Triple M

As Russell Crowe walks away from The Rabbitohs after the most successful season in decades, Matty Johns says that things will only get better for the club.

There has been concern from fans since it was announced that Crowe will sell his 37.5 per cent stake in the famous club after saying "I have to make more time for my family....I have loved the responsibility of bringing South Sydney back to being a competitive force."

However, Matty Johns says that there is money to be made "whoever buys this club will make money."

Matty also thinks that The Rabbitohs will win a title within the next 3 years.

LISTEN: Matty On The Rabbitohs

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Tags: Russell Crowe, South Sydney Rabbitohs

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