Posted: 29 August, 2011 by The Grill Team

VIDEO: Melbourne Vs Manly Brookvale Oval Brawlers Should Be Fined And Suspended

Watch the epic Melbourne vs. Manly punch on and have your say on punishment.

Tags: NRL, Biff, Manly Sea Eagles, Melbourne Storm

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(Video: Channel 9)

After a horrific brawl broke out between the Melbourne Storm and the Manly Sea Eagles at their heated Friday night match at Brookvale Oval, The Grill Team spoke about how they'd punish those responsible.

On the issue of how fighters Glenn Stewart and Adam Blair should be punished, The Grill Team's Matty Johns was adamant about fines over suspension as a solution.

"If I was David Gallop ... If you suspend these blokes for three or four weeks, you're sticking a pin and bursting the balloon that is the Finals series (when you start to rub blokes out of important games)," said Matty. 

"I'd give them a week each and hit them with some decent fines. [It's] not going to be a popular decision in some quarters, but I'm looking after the product."

The Grill Team and fellow NRL legend Mark "MG" Geyer thinks a longer suspension is what's needed.

"I think Glenn Stewart, Brett Stewart, Darcy Lussick and Adam Blair - all two weeks with a 12 month suspended fine. [And] I'd go a $50,000 fine to each club," he said.

How should the brawlers be punished? Have your say!

Tags: NRL, Biff, Manly Sea Eagles, Melbourne Storm

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