Posted: 12 September, 2012 by Grill Team

We Need To Fix Rep Footy

Tags: Mark Geyer, Matty Johns, Kangaroo

Triple M's Grill Team have waded into the 'country versus club' debate after nine players dropped out of the Kangaroo squad announced yesterday.

"We're just seeing at the end of the season, too many 'nothings' series. It's time to bring back prestige to international football," Matty Johns said.

Mark Geyer agreed adding "once upon a time the green and gold jersey used to be sacred. Not so much anymore."

The former Kangaroo player said rep footy is badly organised with a Test match on October 13 scheduled when most players are recovering from a long season. 

"Blokes are are thinking about trips away. We should have our City versus Country [match] on ANZAC Day. Then the best players from City and Country get to play for NSW and then the best players out of NSW [and] QLD make the Test match."

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Tags: Mark Geyer, Matty Johns, Kangaroo

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