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Wests Tigers Sign Mick Potter As Coach

Mick Potter signed as coach in a 2 year deal.

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Wests Tigers have signed Mick Potter as coach in a 2 year deal.

Potter replaces Tim Sheens who was dumped after 10 years in charge.

The club offered Sheens a senior position due to a restructure in the club, which he is yet to take up.

Earlier on Triple M

Triple M Rush Hour's Dan Ginnane says West Tigers have signed Mick Potter to be coach of the club and he will be on a base salary 'as low as five figures' as part of an incentive-based contract.

"The deal with Mick Potter has been done," said Dan Ginnane, who is puzzled by the apparent delay in a the Tigers making a public announcement.

Ginnane says the deal was agreed to by the club and Potter over the weekend.

Potter will not only be one of the lowest-paid coaches - if not the lowest - in the NRL, but he will also be on less money than many of his players.

Peter 'Sterlo' Sterling says Potter has come out of left-field for the job, which become available when Wests ended Tim Sheens' tenure as the senior coach.

"I have always believed that every coach should be getting at least what the highest-paid player in the club is," said Sterlo.

However, it's a different scenario given Wests need to pay around $450,000 a year to Sheens for the next two seasons as he was still contracted by the club.

Earlier on Triple M

It looks like the Wests Tigers are about to confirm that Mick Potter will be their coach for the next 2 years.

@GrillTeam @TripleM_NRL

MG picked it a few days ago, whilst Matty Johns said that he thought Kev Walters would be hired for the top job at Tigers.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but insider info points towards an announcement to make it official later today.

Matty Johns added "(Mick Potter) he's got a great reputation. he's is a late bloomer, which I think is a great thing. He'll be on $250,000 (which would make him the lowest paid coach in the NRL) but if he gets the Tigers in to the top 4, that will all change."

MG says "Potter is Prime, he's ready to roll."

Watch this space for an official announcement.

LISTEN: Potter To Coach Tigers

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