Posted: 21 May, 2015

The Honey Badger Up To His Old Tricks

The Honey Badger meets a boy scout to improve his survival skills

The Honey Badger continues to be the best entertainer in sport    Photo: Getty Images

The most popular man in Rugby Union is back with another ripper of a video full of typical Honey Bager gags and catchphrases.

In his latest video Nick Cummins or the 'The Honey Badger' as he is affectionately known gets some survival tips from a 45kg boy scout in return for some rugby advice for the scout badge cladded teen.

We have become accustomed to the unique similes that the 'Badge' has invented and there are plenty more in this clip with 'being as a full as a centrelink on payday' the highlight.

The video was released as part of the 'You're better on beef' campaign. His side the Western Force are currently bottom of the Super Rugby table so it may be wise to spend more time training and not filming, but we are glad he isn't!



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Posted: 18 May, 2015

Kenyan Rugby Player Ruins $100,000 Camera In Try Celebration

This is not the way you want to celebrate your 200th try.

Injera celebrates 200th try by signing camera!

200 tries, that's a pretty mean feat, better do something special to celebrate.

Well, that was what Kenyan speedster Collins Injera thought during the rugby World Sevens Series.

He knew the try was coming, he had the pen ready in his sock and after he scored his try he ran over to the camera to sign it, just like in tennis.

The only problem is that, in tennis, they sign a protective cover on the cameras lens, and the pen isn't usually a permanent marker.

The camera costs somewhere in the region of $120,000 AUD..... woops!

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Posted: 12 May, 2015

Teenager Dunks Like Michael Jordan

Unbelievable. Be like Mike!

Pennsylvania high school basketballer Derrick Jones could out-dunk most NBA players.

The young-gun is considered amongst those in the know as the best dunker in high-school basketball.

It's not difficult to see why.

Jones can perfectly pull off Michael Jordan’s iconic free throw line which is made even better by slow-mo!

Check it out.


Jones has committed to play with the University of Nevada Las Vegas next season.

... And he certainly isn't a one-trick pony. Check these out:

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Posted: 12 May, 2015

NFL Suspends Brady Over 'Deflategate'

The NFL have suspended star New England quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of next season for his role in a scheme to deflate footballs

(Photo: AAP)

The NFL on Monday suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for four games without pay over the "Deflategate" scandal after an investigation found he probably was aware of ball tampering in a key playoff game.

The National Football League also fined the Patriots $US1 million ($A1.27 million) and stripped the Super Bowl champions of both their 2016 first round draft pick and the 2017 fourth round draft pick.

"Quarterback Tom Brady will be suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015 regular season for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL," the NFL said in a statement.

"Brady may participate in all offseason, training camp and pre-season activities, including pre-season games."

An NFL investigation found last week that it was "more probable than not" that Patriots employees had conspired to deflate balls in the team's AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, which they won 45-7.

That probe also found that Brady - who went on to lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks - was "at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities."

"We reached these decisions after extensive discussion," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in Monday's suspension announcement.

"We relied on the critical importance of protecting the integrity of the game and the thoroughness and independence of the Wells report," he added, referring to the investigation findings.


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Posted: 11 May, 2015

UFC Fighter Mark Hunt Posts Photo Of His Face After Being Hit 361 Times


Image: AAP

Sydney-based UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt copped an absolute battering in Adelaide yesterday at the hands of American Stipe Miocic.

Hunt lasted through more than 20 minutes of punishment before the referee finally waved off his fight at UFC Fight Night 65 in Adelaide.

Miocic landed a record-breaking 361 strikes to Hunt's 46.

The 361 total strikes set a new UFC record - breaking Royce Gracie’s total of 355 strikes that happened way back in UFC 5 in 1995.

Hunt's face tells the tale of the one-sided fight with 41-year-old posting a post-fight photo on his facebook page.

The old warhorse got beaten up sorry was to tired big mistake to be tired wen u facing the top end congrats stipe well done mate thanks for everyone's support

Posted by MARK HUNT on Saturday, May 9, 2015


If you're having trouble viewing the image click here.

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Posted: 7 May, 2015

Kyrgios Knocks Federer Out Of Madrid Open

Aussie tennis star produces greatest win of his career

Australian star Nick Kyrgios celebrates greatest career win Photo: YouTube screengrab

Rising Australian star Nick Kyrgios has produced a stunning upset to knock his boyhood idol, world No.2 Roger Federer, out of the Madrid Open.

In a win the 20-year-old said surpassed that of his Wimbledon victory over Rafael Nadal last year, world No.35 Kyrgios triumphed 6-7 (2-7) 7-6 (7-5) 7-6 (14-12) over the top seed on Wednesday night (Thursday morning AEST).

"I think this is definitely the greatest win over my career so far," Kyrgios, who saved three match points, said.

"It doesn't really feel real at the moment.

"I didn't really feel as if I was playing out there - it almost felt like I was watching.

"It was similar to that match at Wimbledon when I played Rafa. It's a strange feeling. It hasn't happened many times in my career ... it's happened twice now. It's pretty exciting."

To clinch the win, Kyrgios needed to overcome an expletive-laden first-set meltdown, in which he was given a code for unsportsmanlike conduct in the first set tiebreak, saying "get him out of here" to chair umpire Mo Lahyani in reference to a line umpire following an incorrect call.

Commentators were then forced to apologise multiple times for Kyrgios' foul language, and the outburst, which also involved him smashing his racquet into the clay court, didn't help the volatile star as he fell apart to lose the tiebreak 7-2.

In response to a Kyrgios barb, Lahyani told the fired-up right-hander to "stop complaining".

However, he calmed himself before rallying from a break down in the second set to force another tiebreak - and this time it was Federer who began to feel the heat.

As Kyrgios reeled off a string of impressive winners and powerful serves to race to a 5-0 lead in the tiebreak, the normally unflappable Federer barked "we need a clown for this circus" at a change of ends.

When asked if he had been intimidated coming up against his idol for the first time, Kyrgios replied: "I know he's the greatest.

"I knew before the match I had to play one of the greatest matches I've ever played.

"(But) I wasn't intimidated at all - I have a lot of respect for him."

Showing the same confidence and audacity which helped him prevail over Nadal last year, Kyrgios produced some unbelievable tennis in the third-set tiebreak, saving three match points before raising his arms in triumph on his sixth match point, when Federer sent a forehand cross-court wide.

"He plays the big points well and he likes the big stage," said Federer.

"He has nothing to lose and if he can string a few good shots together that will keep him in a match."

There were no surprises, he said: "I expected it to be difficult. I know Nick can play."

Kyrgios will next face 16th seed John Isner for a shot at the quarter-finals.

Nick Kyrgios Greatest Ever Win

Roger Federer vs Nick Kyrgios full highlights from Madrid Open final Video: YouTube

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Posted: 4 May, 2015

Reporter Slammed For Post-Fight Interview With Pacquiao

Fans and sports stars hit out at HBO's Max Kellerman

Image: Mainevent

HBO interviewer Max Kellerman has been slammed for what many thought was a disrespectful post-fight interview with Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquio was interviewed in the ring and told Kellerman he thought he has won the fight against Mayweather despite unanimous decision.

“You thought you won the fight? Why?” Kellerman responded.

Sports stars around the world criticised the interview including Kelly Slater and Collingwood star Scott Pendlebury.




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Posted: 30 April, 2015

Mayweather And His Ridiculous Demands

This fight has been in the making since 2009 but only just come into fruition, probably because of Mayweathers demands

This weekend will see 'The Fight of the Century' finally take place but it has been a long time coming as the two parties couldn't agree terms and it's easy to see why.

It is no secret Floyd 'Money' Mayweather thinks he is God's gift and he has left Manny Pacquiao know that by listing a ridiculous list of demands before allowing the fight to take place.

The list above are all reported demands from 'Money' and it doesn't stop there.

- Mayweather wanted Pacquiao's mother to sing the Phillipine National Anthem but then leave the venue as she may put him 'under a spell' and added he doesn't 'want to be a part of that black magic or voodoo ritual.'

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Posted: 30 April, 2015

What Time Does The Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao Boxing Match Start

The biggest, most valuable fight in boxing history is taking place this Sunday and it's not Anthony Mundine!

Floyd Mayweather (L) and Manny Pacquiao pose together at the end of their press conference promoting their upcoming fight Photo: Getty Images

The biggest, most valuable fight in boxing history is taking place this Sunday and it's not Anthony Mundine!

It's Floyd "Money" Mayweather v Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather (USA) is the favourite, unbeaten in 47 fights, while Pacqiuao, from the Philippines, is the underdog.

Mayweather has been trash-talking Pacquiao all week and it's the fight, fight-fans have been hoping for but never believed would happen.

In terms of winnings, its a 60/40 split to Mayweather because he reckons he's bring more to the table. So if Mayweather wins he gets $US 160 million, and if Pacquiao wins he'll pocked $US 120 million bucks! The fight will reportedly gross $US 400 million.

The event starts at 11am (AEST), while the main event will kick-off between 1-3pm (AEST) depending on the length of the warm-up, undercard fights. You can watch the fight in pubs across Australia and the Main Event channel on Foxtel.

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Top Five Boxing Fights

Here's Matty Johns' pick for the greatest fights in history.

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Posted: 30 April, 2015

Top Five Boxing Fights

Here's Matty Johns' pick for the greatest fights in history

Matty's Top Fights: Ali v Frazer "Thrilla In Manila" Uploaded at 30 April, 2015 - 12:10PM

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Rock, Shock

There's been some incredible bouts in the history of boxing.

It's always the big ones that stay in your mind, the Ali's versus the Foreman's, the Hagler's versus the Sugar Ray Leonard's.

With what could potentially be another classic in the making coming up with Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao taking on Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, it got Matty thinking, what are the best fights we've seen?

Here's Matty's pick for the Top 5

5. "Rumble In The Jungle" - George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman - Rumble in the Jungle Highlights (including pre-fight build up)


4. Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard

Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard [1/7]


3. Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali (Fight 2)

Fight of Titans:♛ Muhammad Ali VS Joe Frazier 1 ♛ . Great Quality


2. "The War" - Martin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns

'The War' - Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns


1. "Thrilla In Manila"(see video at the top)


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Muhammad Ali’s Perfect Response To Floyd Mayweather

Muhammad Ali Responds To Floyd Mayweather Like He Might Have In His Prime...

Floyd Mayweather wins the Fight of the Century

Unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao in fight that goes the distance

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Posted: 30 April, 2015

Seven Epic Boxing Fights

We look back at some classic fights ahead of Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Even before a punch has been thrown Mayweather vs Pacquiao is being billed as the greatest fight of all time, here are a few it will have to beat to claim that title.

1975: Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

Whenever the question 'what is the greatest fight of all time' is posed then the first answer on most people's lips is of course the 'Thrilla in Manila.' The fight was of course for the Heavyweight Championship of the World and with both men winning one each against each other this was the final straw in what was a brutal encounter.

1990: Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn

Two greats of British boxing met in 1990 to compete for the WBO middleweight championship and one of them was going to lose their undefeated record. Eubank won by technical knock out in the ninth round despite being floored just before.


1981: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns

The only entry from the 1980's is the classic between Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns which was dubbed 'The Showdown'. These two fought again in 1989 which is also considered a classic but you can't beat the first time they met. Leonard won the fight as the referee stopped the fight in the fourteenth round but at the time Hearns was leading on points.


2005: Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo

Unlike the other fights in the list there is no absolute superstar in this lineup but for me it was the greatest comeback in boxing history. The entire fight was full of brutal blows and then in the tenth round Castillo floored Corrales twice in a matter of seconds with the win looking inevitable. However, Corrales managed to beat the count and KO Castillo with 'the perfect right hand' to win the WBC lightweight title.


1997: Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson

The second fight between Tyson and Holyfield went into boxing history as it the former was disqualified for biting, not once but twice. Tyson was hoping to get revenge after being floored by Holyfield seven months earlier, he didn't win but he certainly his his mark!


1974: Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman

'The Rumble in the Jungle' is the second appearance from Ali as he knocked out George Foreman in Zaire. Before the fight Foreman had never lost but the tacitcal genius and power from 'The Greatest' was too much for Foreman as he crubled in the African heat.


2002: Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson

The final inclusion is a fight that Mike Tyson managed to complete but once again didn't win. The build up to the heavyweight championship fight was remarkable as a brawl broke out in the press conference and once again Tyson was found guilty of biting his opponent. Lewis got his revenge as a big right hand in the eighth round floored Tyson for the second time in the fight and he was declared the winner.

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Posted: 30 April, 2015

The First Game In MLB History Was Just Played Without ANY FANS

Baseball in an entirely empty stadium...

Getty Images

The stands of Camden Yards were completely empty as the Baltimore Orioles took on the Chicago White Sox overnight.

The game was played behind closed doors as a result of the violence that has rocked the city since the death of a man from injures sustained while in Police custody.

It was the first time in the history of professional baseball in the US that fans had been locked out of a game.


One report said the stadium still played the traditional US baseball anthem "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the traditional 7th inning stretch.

The Orioles and MLB officials said the decision to shut out fans was taken for safety reasons.

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