Posted: 24 July, 2014

No Map Of Tassie On Aussie Team Bathers

There is something missing from Australia's official Commonwealth Games swimsuits.. and Tasmanian's aren't happy!

(Original Image: Getty Images)

Tasmania has been snubbed by Commonwealth Games uniform designers with Australia's most southern state being left off the Swimming team’s official bathers.

The omission hasn’t gone unnoticed with residents of the Apple isle.

Controversial new Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie (who has been in the headlines a fair bit this week) says it’s disappointing that Tassie has been ignored again.

"I hope that it was an oversight and not deliberate. Tasmania also disappeared from Olympic medals and posters for Baz Luhrmann’s movie Australia, so it's very disappointing that the same oversight has happened a number of times," she told News Corp.

AFL Footballer Maverick Weller also hails from Tasmania and tweeted his frustration with the uniform design.

Where's Tassie?


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Posted: 23 July, 2014

Crazy Sports Weapons

Flares and phones aren't always part of sport but when they are they hurt

In light of the bloke who used a witch's hat to strike a referee, we found other items that weren't directly linked with their sports but were used as weapons.

Witch's Hat

This week a country rugby league player struck an official with a witch's hat which saw him get banned for 15 years. Talk about a weapon of mass direction.

Brett Finch - Bottle Throwing Exchange

Don't let the innocent and charming Brett Finch fool you, there is definitely a mean streak. In 2004, the halfback was charged for throwing a bottle into the crowd after he was heckled by a group of Bulldogs fans.

Beer Bottles

Who could forget the Wally Lewis injustice. Fans were outraged when the Maroons captain was sin-binned for back chat in Game II of Origin 1988. I guess we can cut them some slack, they were defending their king.

Cricket Stump

cricket stump, cricket, bails, test match

A bloke used a cricket stump to harm his opponent in a cricket match at the end of 2012. It's not like there is anything else in the sport that resembles a baseball bat.

Cricket Bat

The fast-paced T20s have seen tensions rise in recent years. This year's IPL saw a fierce exchange between bat-and-ball. Kieron Pollard pulled out of his stance but that didn't stop Aussie Mitchell Starc firing a rocket at him. Pollard threw the bat but it's no secret where he wanted to shove it.


And who could forget Warnie


Yes a rocket. A fan shot a 'rocket' flare at a player in a Ukrainian football league match in 2011. Some strange things happen in the round-ball code. Take a look.


It doesn't have to be physical to hurt. During a World Cup pool match, Russian goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev, had his vision impeded when a fan probed a laser into the goalie's eyes. Algeria scored immediately off the corner to see Russia exit.

Mobile Phone

mobile phone, old, classic, technology

You would think this one would be a lot more common given everyone pretty much has one now. But this stunt happened at a Major League Baseball game in 2003. With no Facebook and Twitter , the Oakland Raiders fan literally threw away the opportunity to tell any of his mates live.


helmet, baseball

A baseball fan threw a helmet at an outfielder during an LA Dodgers game in 1981. The player jumped into the stands to start a brawl before he was ejected and eight fans received sanctions.


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Reserve Grader Uses Witch's Hat As A Weapon

A country RL player has been given 15 years for striking with witch's hat.

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

Rory McIlroy's Dad Cashes In

A 10-Year-Old bet has earned Rory McIlroy's Dad a fortune.

Rory McIlroy after winning the 2014 British Open (Getty Images)

RORY McIlroy’s British Open victory on the weekend made his old man a small fortune after a decade old bet came to fruition.

McIlroy’s dad Gerry placed a £200 wager back in 2004 at odds of 500/1 that his son would become Open champion before he turned 26.

The bet payed out a very handy £180k or around $330,000 Australian dollars.

A couple of Gerry McIlroy’s mates also placed some similar bets on Rory collecting a combined sum of around $A130,000.

There will be some party at the McIlroy’s house tonight with the 25 year-old Northern Irishman pocketing around $A1.8-million for winning the illustrious tournament.

Even if your son is a great golfer remember to gamble responsibly!

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Posted: 16 July, 2014

Aussie NBA Stars Join Grill Team

A couple of Aussie boys have picked up the NBA championship trophy

patty mills, aron baynes grill team

Patty Mills and Aron Baynes visit Triple M with the NBA championship trophy Photo: Triple M

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the greatest sporting championships in the world, especially when you think of the people that played there like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

And a couple of Aussie boys are not only playing there but actually picked up the title this year with the San Antonio Spurs… we're talking about Patty Mills and Aron Baynes and they joined the Grill Team on Thursday.

Patty Mills and Aron Baynes on Grill Team

Earlier On Triple M

Patty Mills & Aron Baynes Crash Aussie Reporter's Cross Uploaded at 16 July, 2014 - 11:49AM

See more: Patty Mills, Aron Baynes, Julian de Stoop


Patty Mills & Aron Baynes crash Aussie reporter Julian de Stoop's cross for FOX Sports with the NBA trophy!

Video: Fox Sports

Fox Sports reporter Julian de Stoop has had to deal with some unruly fans in his time.

But we're willing to bet that none have been as well known and successful as NBA Stars Patty Mills and Aron Baynes who 'videobombed' his live cross... complete with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy!

De Stoop tells the pair to 'Get off boys' before pushing Patty Mills away.

"There are always some idiots out there," De Stoop tells his audience.

De Stoop was quickly made aware of who he 'palmed off' as soon as he had finished his report.

"I had no idea it was them I just thought it was a couple of Collingwood 'nuffies' doing their thing, " De Stoop said on Fox Sports.

It's not the first time de Stoop has had to deal with raucous behaviour... like the time he was blasted with an air-horn!

Video: Youtube/Chuzz Wazzas

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Posted: 11 July, 2014

New Spectator Tech To Be Introduced At Last Bledisloe

Samsung will debut its 'Sideliner' for the final Bledisloe at ANZ Stadium

The 'Sideliner' will headline sports innovation when it makes its debut at the final Bledisloe Cup Match in Sydney on August 16.

The 'Sideliner' is a couch that rolls from tryline to tryline in synch with on-field action. Four lucky guests will be sliding up and down the touchline at 20km/h.

adam ashley cooper, wallabies

Wallaby back Adam Ashley-Cooper told the Daily Telegraph it is one of its kind and only enhances the viewer experience.

“This has certainly never been done at any sporting venue across my travels. I have seen a spa, a jacuzzi on the side of a football field in Durban, but this is a drier, much nicer option,” Ashley-Cooper told News Corp.

To get the chance to be one of the four people, buy a Samsung SmartTV and visit the website the details.

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Posted: 4 July, 2014

Honey Badger Quits Aussie Rugby

Nick Cummins has been released from his Australian contract to play in Japan.

Wallabies player Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins will play rugby in Japan after the end of the Super Rugby season.

Cummins was released from his Western Force and national contracts on ''compassionate grounds'' and will play with Japanese team Coca Cola West Red Sparks for next season.

''We have been working with Nick and his management team to explore ways to retain him within Australian rugby since we were notified of his circumstances,'' ARU chief Bill Pulver said.

''Due to his unique and extreme personal circumstances, we have reluctantly made a decision to grant Nick an early release from his current contract based on compassionate grounds.''

Cummins became an cult figure with his hilarious use of Aussie slang during press conferences.

Best of the Badge:

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Posted: 2 July, 2014

Kyrgios Knocks Nadal Out Of Wimbledon

Australia has a new Tennis star in the form of 19-year-old Nick Kyrgios.

Nick Kyrgios (Getty Images)

Aussie tennis teenager Nick Kyrgios is through to the Wimbledon quarterfinals after pulling of an unbelievable win over world number 1 Rafeal Nadal.

The 19-year-old beat the 2-time Wimbledon Champion 7-6, 5-7, 7-6, 6-3.

The win has come as a surprise to everyone including Kyrgios mother Norlaila who told Channel 7 she had tipped a Nadal win.

“I said that he would be very competitive but I thought that Nadal was too strong. That was the word,” she said.

“But he proved me wrong!”

Nick Tweeted this after the match:

And had the guts to pull off a shot like this!!!!

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Posted: 17 June, 2014

Spurs Win With Baynes & Mills

Basketballer Patty Mills spoke with Triple M's Grill Team after winning the NBA Championship

Basketballer Patty Mills spoke with Triple M's Grill Team after winning the NBA Championship.

Baynes and Mills were both part of the San Antonio side that beat Miami four games to one in the best of seven finals series.

“When we got to go back to the locker room and just be with the guys on the team it was a pretty special moment,” Aron Baynes said on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast.

“Being around guys that I idolised growing up, they were my role models growing up, being around them and being a part of it with them.”

Patty Mills On Grill Team

We also spoke with Patty Mills about being a part of the Spurs 2014 NBA Championship win.

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Posted: 4 June, 2014

Aussie Games Uniform Revealed

What do you think of the uniforms the Aussies will wear in Glasgow?

The uniforms that Australians will wear at the 2014 Commonwealth Games have been revealed in Melbourne.

The Games will be held Glasgow between July 23 to August 3.

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Posted: 3 June, 2014

Putt Takes Ridiculously Long Time To Fall In Hole

VIDEO: Patience pays off for American PGA Golfer Scott Langley


Patience was definitely a virtue for American Golfer Scott Langley on the weekend.

Langley and his playing partner Bubba Watson were both watching as the putt ran out of steam when it neared the hole.

The pair wait... and wait... and wait...

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WATCH: Best Paper Plane Throw Of All Time

Unbelievable paper plane toss travels from top of stand into player's head.

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Posted: 29 May, 2014

The 8 Funniest Sporting Excuses Of All Time

In celebration of Bernard Tomic we’ve put together a list of the funniest sporting excuses of all time.

After being unceremoniously wiped out of the French Open Bernard Tomic gave waiting media a barrage of excuses as to why he lost. 

Among the things he blamed were the clay court, the home ground advantage and the tournament itself.

Have a listen to the audio at the bottom of the page.

In celebration of Tomic’s effort we’ve put together a list of the funniest sporting excuses of all time.

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Posted: 29 May, 2014

50 Cent's Pitching FAIL

Watch 50 cent throw the worst ceremonial first pitch at a NY Mets game

Could rapper 50 Cent have just thrown the worst first ceremonial first pitch in the history of baseball?

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