Posted: 30 October, 2016 by Newsroom

Billy Brownless Is Making An Appearance In A Completely Different Sport

"I'm ready to go!"

(Image: Twitter)

Looks like Billy Brownless might be defecting from footy a little.

Billy's been named to feature in the celebrity match for this weekend's Fast5 Netball World Series, in what he described as the "Twenty20" of netball.

Other big names include Triple M's Gus Worland, as well as Karl Stefanovic, Livinia Nixon, John Steffensen, Erin Molan and Tim Gilbert.

A few netball stars will appear as well, such as past legends Cath Cox and Irene van Dyk, plus Adelaide Thunderbirds coach Dan Ryan and Junior Levi from the men's team.

But Billy's up for it.

"I'm ready to go," he exclaimed before the match on Channel 9.

"What about the forward line? We've got Brownless and van Dyk!"

We're not sure Bill's completely got netball down pat though.

"We'll be shooting them from...downtown," he paused.

Anyway. We're all behind you, Bill.

The match takes place at 4:45 pm on Gem.

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