Posted: 8 October, 2016 by Triple M's Dead Set Legends

Campbell Brown And AFL Stars Lead Australian Team To India's Craziest Sport

"It's absolutely huge"

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It might be India's most insane sport.

And Campbell Brown is captaining the Australian team to play in its World Cup.

The sport is kabbadi - a contact sport which has boomed in India and all across south Asia.

Brown said 500 million Indians were turning into the tournament.

"It's absolutely huge," he said on Triple M's Dead Set Legends.

"It's like British bulldog - there's seven on the field, and a raider comes onto the court and you've got to try and tag them or touch them in any way possible with your hand or your foot, and then you've got to try and get back off before they tackle you and stop you."

"It's a pretty physical game, so it's right up the Dog's alley," he smiled.

He also revealed a couple of big former AFL players were joining him.

"I managed to recruit Adam Schneider and Stephen Milne, so they're over here as well," he said.

"I called a couple of other past footballers, and they were keen, but because we only had (a few) weeks to drop everything and come to India, not many people are that flexible.

"The timetable wasn't on our side, but we've managed to put together a pretty strong side."

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