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A-League Over-taken Rugby Union As Australia's Third Best Sport

Soccer has over-taken rugby union to be third best sport in Australia.

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Matty Johns says soccer in Australia has over-taken rugby union to be the third-best sport in Australia.

"Sydney FC are showing the way for everybody else in their signings, and I tell you something else they've gone past rugby union," Matty told his co-hosts Gus Worland and Mark Geyer.

Matty's claim came after 36,000 people turned up to watch Sydney FC's clash with the Newcastle Jets on the weekend.

Even Mark Geyer, who admitted Sydney FC's clash with was only the second time he had watched a full A-league game, said he watched every single second of it.

"I love the style of footy that was played because of these two new blokes," MG added referring to Alessandro Del Piero and Emile Heskey.

Which is better? If only one could survive, which would you pick and why?

LISTEN: MG On Australian Soccer

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Tags: Soccer, A-League, rugby union

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