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Anthony Mundine's "Racist" Comments And His Follow-Up Statement

Did you see the bizarre Anthony Mundine presser just then? If not, read what he said here. Please do not make inappropriate comments, but what do you think of his statement?

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The Latest

Mundine formally apologized to Geale on channel 9 at the weekend. Face to face he said "I probably did over step the line... I just want to say I'm sincerely sorry."


In Redfern on Friday, Anthony Mundine made a statement about his comments at a press conference on Thursday about his next opponent, Daniel Geale. He also voiced his opinions on the Australia's flag and national anthem.

When Mundine was asked on Thursday how he felt about Geale, the current IBF and WBA super-middleweight champion, wearing an Aboriginal flag on his shorts, his reply was: "I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out. That's all I know."

Mundine continued "I don't see him representing us black people, or coloured people. I don't see him out in the communities doing what I do with people...he got a white woman, white kids."

Mundine's Friday statement is below:

"I would like to apologise if my comments have offended some Aborigines in Tasmania. I know there are a lot of Aboriginals in Tasmania that are proud of their heritage just like me," he said.

"My comments weren't directed at anyone but the system that in my opinion doesn't truly reflect the sentiment of first, second or third generation Australians."

"There are people that get jobs and are claiming benefits who claim to be Aboriginal because they have a great, great, great grandmother or grandfather, that I think is wrong."

"I think the system needs to accommodate those Aboriginals that need it most rather than trying to cater to everybody. Maybe there's a cut-off point where people with distant relatives receive assistance but not as much as a first generation Aboriginal."

"This is my issue that I'm passionate about and in my opinion needs to be addressed. I see myself as a leader of the Aboriginal people in this country."

"A lot of my close friends and family members feel Australia is one of the most racist countries here. I want to move forward and I want to unite the people. I want to move forward as one."

"The first thing I want to talk about is the flag. We've been colonised for 220-something years and we've never had any representation on the flag, yet I see representation of the Union Jack, something that symbolises the invasion, the murder, the pillaging and again on and on."

"We need to address that because it's dividing Australia rather than uniting Australia. For us, as Aboriginal people and the true traditional owners of the land we need to be represented on the flag. And I put this to Julia Gillard and the government. For us to unite and more forward we need to be represented as traditional people in this country."

"The anthem? I think the anthem needs to be changed. Advance Australia Fair. Anyone that does their research knows there was a White Australia policy which lasted between 1901 and 1978. And that was the theme song for the White Australia policy. I just don't think that's good enough."

"We are now on the United Nations Security Council and we are now considered one of the heavyweights so I think it's time for change. And if we're really serious about it and we want to do it Julia Gillard and even Tony Abbott need to have a good look into it for the betterment of our people and our country so we can work together rather than be divided."

When pressed by reporters, Mundine offered a veiled apology to Geale, saying: "The only reason I questioned Daniel Geale's Aboriginality is I've seen (him take) no action (for Aboriginal affairs)."

Earlier on Triple M

Bad boy Anthony Mundine has caused trouble with his comments...again.

This time he's made a dig at the indigenous heritage of his next opponent, Daniel Geale.

When Triple M's Grill Team heard the latest, they couldn't believe it. MG said: "It's about a fight, not his family. Everyone that knows Choc Mundine away from the fighting game hasn't got a bad word to say about him, because he's a decent bloke...but when he says stuff like that, come on."

Matty Johns said "he's trying to sell the fight, but he's selling himself short. He's terrific bloke, I really like him...but bringing up that stuff is crook, it's disrespectful. That is racist."

LISTEN: Reactions To Mundine

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