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Wallabies' Kiwi Parents Confess Anthem Inspiration

Will Mike Harris' Kiwi parents sing the national ahead of his Wallaby debut against Scotland?

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Kiwi-born Mike Harris' parents are proud as punch he's won his first Wallaby cap and will play against Scotland tonight in Newcastle.

Question is will his Kiwi parents sing the Australian national anthem?

LISTEN: Fran and Barry Harris on Advance Australia Fair

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Fran and Barry said their manager-son had called them last night and told them not to drink before talking to Triple M Brisbane.

Barry said they had been a "little bit naughty in that department" and that their singing was "much better after two vodkas."

Mike's Auckland-based parents have made the three hour trip to join younger son Steve to watch Mike pull on his first Wallaby jersey.

Fran said the cross-Tasman trip was making it difficult to watch him play every game which is what they usually do.

"Do you guys happen to have an airline partner that we could approach?, dad Barry joked.

TEAM: Wallabies Named To Face Scotland

Newcastle Set For 90km Winds

When it comes to advice new Wallaby Mike won't have to look far for advice on kicking.

"I follow the weather quite a lot as an Air Traffic Controller," Barry told The Grill Team he predicts a field-position game and "just hopes the kicks go over."

What do you think of their efforts?

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Tags: Mike Harris, Wallabies, Scotland, Anthem, #AUSvSCO

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