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Fev Reckons His Phone Blew Up After His Comeback Talk Last Week

The Fevolution!

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After Brendan Fevola’s tongue-in-cheek comments last week about making a comeback for Carlton, he reckons a few people might have taken them a bit too seriously.

Fev claimed he’d kick “80 plus” goals next year and that he’s better than Buddy Franklin and Jesse Hogan.

His words clearly caught some attention, and he reckons he had heaps of people asking if the comeback was on.

“My Twitter feed, my Facebook, they started a petition to get me back at Carlton,” Fev said on Dead Set Legends.

“I had journos ringing me saying ‘are you gonna try out for a rookie list?’

“I said ‘I’m the big dog, I don’t rookie list anything mate.’”

There was one comment Fev definitely wasn’t backing down from though.

“I wasn’t joking when I said I’m obviously the best forward in the land, and I still believe that. I am!”

He did clarify that he won’t be playing AFL any time soon though.

“I’m not gonna go back, I’m coaching Melton South, I’m working on Fox, I’m working on Triple M,” Fev said.

“I don’t need football, let’s be honest. Football needs me, but I don’t need football.”

Listen to Fev discuss his future here:

Tags: Fev, Dead Set Legends

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