Posted: 20 November, 2016

Jeremy Clarkson Blew Up His Farmhouse During A Funeral

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Image: @alanbattuk

Jeremy Clarkson has once again proven himself to be a bit unpredictable, blowing up his £4 million (AU$6.7 million) farmhouse in Oxfordshire.

While most people would call in builders if they were thinking of getting some work done around the house, Clarkson decided to bring in a demolition crew to blow up the six bedroom home in September this year.

The explosion could be heard (unsurprisingly) for quite a distance, including at a funeral being held on a neighbouring property. 

Apparently notice was only given of the explosion was only passed on to neighbours the night before. 

Clarkson had put a bet on during his new show The Grand Tour regarding which car would be faster - and if he lost, he had to blow up his house.

No prizes for guessing the outcome of that race.

Tags: Jeremy Clarkson

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