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Queenslanders Are Buying Up All The Zooper Doopers In The Heatwave

Delicious way to stay hydrated

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Queensland and northern NSW are going to cop a serious heatwave this weekend, with the mercury set to get up to a BRUTAL 46 degrees in some areas.

It’s started today, with Ipswich expected to get to around 38.

Naturally punters are responding in the best possible way: by smashing all the icy poles they can get their hands on.

A bloke in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast posted this picture yesterday of a Coles that had been stripped of its supply of that life-giving nectar itself — Zooper Doopers:

Seems like Queenslanders have followed the first rule of a heatwave — staying hydrated — in the most delicious possible way.

Tags: Queensland heatwave

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