Posted: 3 October, 2016

How to Rock A Long Mane Without Looking Like An 80s Rocker

Step 1: Ditch the hairspray

80s rocker hair should stay in the 80s. Even if you’re a rocker form the 80s. Move on, guys. We thought the world had ditched long hair, but over recent years we’ve seen it making a bigger return than Guns n Roses.

We’ve done some research to find ways to rock long hair without looking like an 80s rocker… or flog.


Go natural

Let your hair do what it does.


Pull it back

A lot of guys pull their hair back and keep it out of their face by tucking some of it behind their ears.


Go a ponytail

When your hair is long enough, you can pull it all back and keep it pulled back with a hair tie. 


Give it a twist

Yeah, ok, a ponytail might not be for every bloke, but you can twist your hair into a low bun to keep it tidy.

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Use caution

Aiming for a bun should see you ending up with a top knot. You won’t look like an 80s rocker but you’ll look like a complete flog.

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Product is ok

If you use hair product, don’t use too much. You want the end result to look natural. Experts recommend only using use enough product to hold your hair in place, otherwise you could look like a Lego man.





Never. (And once more) NEVER use hairspray to achieve ‘volume’. That’s full 80s and a slippery slope to applying makeup and joining Steel Panther on stage. Sure, you might be more popular with the ladies but makeup is make up - no matter how many times you call eyeliner ‘guy-liner’.

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