Posted: 4 October, 2016

Secrets Of Making Your Beard Look Awesome

Everything to look schmick!

It seems like anyone can get a beard these days and it’s those blokes who don’t respect their face-growth who give the beard a bad name.

You can turn your beard from scruffy cave man to sophisticated gentleman in only a few minutes, and once you’ve got yourself looking sharp, it won’t take much effort to maintain your awesome beard.


Plan ahead

First of all, if you’re planning on growing a beard, check that you can grow a good one. Let your stubble grow and look for any bald patches. You won’t grow a full Ned Kelly beard if nothing grows from your chin.



Choose your style

It’s similar to choosing your hairstyle. You should care just enough to rock the right one for you. And just like your hairstyle, the best beard depends on the shape of your noggin. Then, don’t forget to take into account any bald patches – can you use them to your advantage?


Get the right tools

Like with everything, you get what you pay for. Invest in a good shaver, one with different attachments to allow you to cut at lengths etc. A poor shaver won’t cut as cleanly as a good one and you’ll end up spending too much time in front of the mirror.


Map it out

For a cleaner look, shave your cheek line. Draw a line from your sideburns to your moustache; the point where your beard stops being full, then shave any growth above it.

Then there’s your neckline. Draw a curved line from under your ear around to just above your Adam’s apple. Shave anything below that. You’ll need to be precise but if you stuff it up, don’t worry, it’ll grow back.

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Keep yourself looking neat with a regular once-over with a trimmer. Run a comb over a dry beard to get the hairs in the same direction, then trim away, then hit any missed hairs with a pair of scissors.


Learn to fade

Turn your good beard into a great one by ‘fading’ or blending your beard into your sideburns and hair. Use different length settings on your shaver to achieve a seamless fade.

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You wash your hair, right? So you’ve gotta wash your beard. It’ll help stop itching and make you look (and smell) cleaner. Then there’s the option of beard oil.


Now you’ve read that, when you suit up for the races, you won’t look like you’ve just been found on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific after your ship drifted off course. Ya know, cos you’re in the shipping business…

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