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Rude Image Posted On Beefy's Twitter

Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham has claimed his twitter account was hacked

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UPDATE On Triple M

Triple M’s Eddie McGuire has been in touch with Sir Ian Botham to find out what the story was with his hacked twitter account.

“I sent him a note, I said to him big news down under so to speak, hope all is well, ” Eddie McGuire said on Triple M.

“He sent the message back, ‘hacked through my email account sad wankers, what’s happening to the boys?’, he wants to know what’s going on with Collingwood.”

Since the hack Sir Ian’s twitter account profile picture has changed to a picture of him grilling some sausages.


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English cricket legend Ian Botham has been involved in a big cock and bull story on Twitter.

A lewd image of a penis appeared on the Botham’s twitter account which was quickly delted. The 58 year old quickly played a straight bat saying his account was hacked when he realised what had happened.

The cricketer is fondly known by his nickname "Beefy" but the middle stump wasn’t his. Apparently.

If you want to see the actual pic, click this link. Pretty graphic.

The English legend told his celebrity followers:

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