Triple M Club - Win a Triple M BooMMMbox

Welcome To The Triple M Club

Triple M Club - Win a Triple M BooMMMbox

Welcome to the club that gives you the access to the best gigs and sporting events in the Triple M universe. 

The Triple M Club is your chance to have your say on everything Triple M. The Music, The Shows, The Sport. You get access to exclusive music events, including tickets to the biggest gigs and best sporting events around the country.

Triple M Club members, is the old work radio looking a little too well-worn? What about that busted guitar amp in the garage?

Need an upgrade?

Of course you do, and we have the perfect replacement for it…except BIGGER AND LOUDER THAN ANYTHING YOU'VE SEEN BEFORE!

We've shoved an FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 player, a pair of 10 inch woofers, guitar input and heaps of other tech wizardry into the Triple M BooMMMbox!

Plus – it’s decked out in full Triple M branding! 

This thing is a serious piece of machinery – it’s almost a metre long! How’s that for some size! Fully custom made for all Triple M die hards. 

Get stuck into this week's Triple M Club survey for your chance to collect! 

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Please Note: Entrants must be at least 18 yrs or older. Online Registration Period opens WC 18th June 2018 at 9am AEST and closes 24th June at 11.59pm AEST. Winners will be drawn in WC 25th June 2018 by random. Eligibility criteria terms and conditions apply; see the Terms and Conditions for details.