BRISBANE, We Need Your Help!

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Over the years, Triple M's been known to "Lend a Hand". From bringing a little boy home for Christmas to visiting drought-ravaged communities, it's important to us to give back. 

We've met an amazing Brisbane family who desperately need our help. At just 7 years old, Ollie has been through more than most of us will face in a lifetime. After surviving a heart transplant when she was a baby, then getting sick again at just 2, Ollie has only continued to go downhill. She now has between 50-200 seizures a day, many of which cause all her muscles to go limp and she drops to the ground, often injuring herself. This means she cannot walk or play without assistance, in case she falls and hits her head or hurts herself badly. She’s a curious kid, and loves spending time outside as much as any regular 7 year old, but cannot do so without round-the-clock assistance from her parents Corey and Mandy. 

This is where Triple M come in, and so do you. 


We’ve pledged build Ollie a safe, padded outdoor structure, so she can practice walking and play safely, have a better quality of life, and give her Mum and Dad a chance to spend with with her and her 2 brothers in their back yard. We need YOUR HELP to get this thing built. Whether you're a tradie, a business who wants to donate building supplies, a cleaner, or anyone else who just wants to put their hand up to help out, let us know. 

Pop your details below, and if we can use you, we'll give you a call. Please don't fret if you don't hear from us- we SO appreciate your offer for help, but we may not get to everyone. 

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