US Rock Legend Named UFO Researcher Of The Year

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US Rock Legend Named UFO Researcher Of The Year

Former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge has been awarded the title UFO Researcher Of The Year.

DeLonge quit the band last year to focus on his studies of UFOs (yes, really). In past interviews he has suggested his life was in danger for what he may reveal about Extra Terrestrials. 

Since then he has put down the guitar and thrown himself into his work. Last year he released a book "Sekret Machins Book One: Chasing Shadows", which he says used sources from US government insiders. 

And for raising the profile of his new field, DeLonge has been recognised by Open Minds Productions, also known as the International UFO Congress, with this title. It is unclear if there have ever been previous UFO Researchers Of The Year or how many of them are past skate punk rockers. 

In announcing the award, Open Minds released a YouTube video, in which DeLonge reveals that he is getting close to a major announcement that may rock the world.


So, it seems the truth is out there....watching...waiting...(commiserating..?)