Big Backyard Bash at the G!

Play On The Hallowed Turf!

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The summer of cricket is well and truly here, so that means wheelie bins are being dragged out into every backyard across Victoria for some Backyard Cricket!

We all remember the days as a child, using taped up tennis balls and facing off against your siblings, cousins and mates on those long, hot summer days.

You would've had 6-and-out, one hand, one bounce, and of course, auto wickie.

The only other question was who got to be Tugga, Punter, Binga, Warnie or Gilly.

All with the dream of one day playing cricket on the MCG.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out hey?

Until now...

To celebrate the mighty 'G getting greener with solar panels just in time for cricket, Triple M and EnergyAustralia are giving 10 lucky listeners, and their best mate the chance to come along and play in the ULTIMATE game of BYC on the hollowed turf, with the whole game to be commentated by Triple M and Fox Cricket's own Mark Howard.

It's Triple M's Big Backyard Bash at the G!

To enter, register your details below.

So, wash those whites, spread that zinc across your nose and get your kids to give you some throw downs, because you might get the call from the chairman of selectors to play in Triple M's Big Backyard Bash at the G!

Thanks to EnergyAustralia- Simple more affordable energy. EnergyAustralia, Light the way.

EnergyAustralia and the MCG - "Our partnership will do more than just revolutionise energy at the people’s ground...There is great potential for applying what we learn and the technology we develop for the MCG to helping households and businesses across Victoria use energy more efficiently, so they save money and help protect the environment. It’s exciting working with the MCG to address some of the big energy challenges Australians are facing."

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