We're Donating Air Purifiers To Communities That Need Them

Thanks to Kärcher

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Kärcher, the #1 in cleaning, have teamed up with Kennedy Molloy to donate Kärcher Air Purifiers to communities that need them. 

Australian air quality is a topic we've all been thinking about recently as we reflect on the bushfires. Across the country, people were - and still are - impacted by smokey air that at times has rated worse for air pollution than cities in India, China and Afghanistan. 

While for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and those wanting to avoid second-hand tobacco smoke this concern is a daily struggle, for many of us the reality of having to worry about the air we breathe has really made us stop and think about how we can breathe cleaner. 

Kennedy Molloy want to hear from you if you work in a community centre, hospital, school, kindergarten, elderly home, gym, animal shelter or the like and if you think your community could benefit from a Kärcher Air Purifier.

All you have to do is tell us below in 25 words or less why Kärcher should donate to your business so we can support your community in pursuit of clean air.

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