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In these tough times local businesses are really struggling to keep the doors open, and the pressure to keep money coming in and staff employed has never been greater. 

Whether it's your local cafe or restaurant, clothing store, gym or trades, everyone is feeling the impact of COVID-19. 

However, the Cononavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to pivot and think outside the square with more and more companies redeveloping their business model to meet the new needs of consumers.

In the past few weeks we've seen more businesses take their products online and embrace contactless delivery methods, while gyms are turning to leasing out their equipment and textile and alcohol companies are even helping to produce much-needed medical supplies such as hand sanitiser and face masks. 

If you are lucky enough to still be operating or if your business has adapted to keep the doors open, we want to hear from you. This web page is a forum where you can let us know what you are doing to get through these tough times!

Let us know below, and you may get a call from Sarah Maree or Matty O to talk about your business! It's a free plug, followed by one of Triple M's classic unplugged, torn back acoustic songs.

It's Triple M's Plugged and Unplugged!

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