Win a $15,000 boat and trailer package!

 Competition heading image for Win a $15,000 boat and trailer package!


Over the next four weeks Triple M is giving YOU the chance to win a 
$15,000 Lewis Marine boat and trailer package
with Triple M's Catch of the Day!

Across the workday, Brian Carlton: The Spoonman will join Marls and Vicki to give you a heads up on the song you need to be listening out for. 

When you hear it play in full, hit the phones and call 1 333 53 to get into the draw!

The next day after 8am, listen out for The Spoonman to say your name.

Call Brian within 10 minutes and you'll be a finalist with a 1 in 19 chance of being the winner!

Someone in Hobart WILL win this boat!!

The Finalists:

1. Tuesday 20th April:   Justin from Woodbridge 

2. Wednesday 21st April:   Rob from Sandford

3. Thursday 22nd April:   Fiona from Lauderdale

4. Friday 23rd April:   Wayne from Claremont

5. Monday 26th April:   Rick from Sorell

6. Tuesday 27th April:   Jenna from Dodges Ferry

7. Wednesday 28th April:   Anthony from Tranmere

8. Thursday 29th April:   Andrew from Claremont

9. Friday 30th April:   Christine from Midway Point

10. Monday 3rd May:   Tim from New Town

11. Tuesday 4th May:   Derek from Granton

12. Wednesday 5th May:   Dieter from Goodwood

13. Thursday 6th May:   Robert from Huonville

14. Friday 7th May:   Donna from New Norfolk

15. Monday 10th May:

16. Tuesday 11th May:

17. Wednesday 12th May:

18. Thursday 13th May:

19. Friday 14th May:

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