10 Facts About U2s The Joshua Tree

Celebrating the 30th anniversary

10 Facts About U2s The Joshua Tree

Image: www.u2.com

Can you believe The Joshua Tree is 30 years old!

This was the album that put the Irish rockers on the map, boasting the band’s biggest singles like Where The Streets Have No Names and With or Without you.

It’s an epic album and here are ten facts why:

  • The Joshua Tree is the highest streamed record from the band.

  • The Joshua Tree is the bands highest selling record and with 25 million sales worlds wide it’s amongst the best selling albums of all time.

  • The band split every four ways, possible the reason it’s been the same line up through the ups and downs.

  • In Sweden, copies of The Joshua Tree were pressed in yellow, pink and red vinyl.

  • U2 have never played ‘Red Hill Mining Town’ live.

  • Regardless of the success of the final product, making the album was quite basic, Bono saying; “A lot of the songs were ones that were recorded in Larry's spare bedroom or Adam's living room”.

  • The Joshua tree is no longer standing. Although the album has stood the test of time, the tree didn’t.
  • The album is preserved in the National Recording Registry/ US Library of Congress for cultural significance.

  • The 2017 The Joshua Tree Tour sold 1.1 million tickets in 24 hours.

  • The hit single The Sweetest Thing was originally written for The Joshua Tree.