10 Things We Learnt At The Killers Gig In Brisbane

Show 1 of The Killers Aussie tour

10 Things We Learnt At The Killers Gig In Brisbane Image: The Killers, Mitch Braund

The Killer’s kicked off their Aussie tour in Brissy and we sent Mitch Brand along.

Being a veteran gig goer, Braundy noticed the Las Vegas rock band didn’t give us the run of the mill rock gig.

Here’s 10 Things We Learnt At The Killers Gig In Brisbane:

1. They do things different: 
Unlike most who leave the big hit to last, they opened with their biggest hit Mr Brightside under full house lights.


2. A killer sense of humour: 
Instead of the band’s logo, the kick drum cover id a drawing of Brandon and Ronnie.


3. You can’t the Vegas out of the boy:
The Jacket, the croon, the showmanship, the great teeth, the neon casino cowboy from the Vegas strip, the gold glitter suit for the encore: although they’re rock The Killers can’t hide their strong home town influence.

4. An amazing light and video show go a long way: 
Although a simple layout, the attention to details in the video and light gives the songs great dimension and fill the huge venue, that at times the size looses the band.

5. Brandon the philosopher:
The wordsmith not only can write a great tune, but his talk breaks are inspiring and wise;
“True nobility is being superior to you former self”.

6. Fans of The Killers are top-blokes:
Being mistaken for a mate, the embarrassed bloke decided to hang out and even share his beers with me! LEGEND!

7. And they’re talented too:
They pull a drummer from the crowd to play For Reasons Unknown...and it rocked!
A guy called only Mr Byron Bay had a sign in the crowd, got pulled up, he blew a kiss to the crowd, took his jacket off, grabbed the sticks and proceeded to rock.One of the highlights of the night!


8. The flow of songs:
If it’s chat, audience participation or musical interludes the way the band flow from song to song kept the crowd alive.

9. If When You Were Young is your favourite song, you’ll find it hard not to choke up:
Bring a hanky- this is a tear jerker.

10. Brandon Flowers is a wonderful wonderful frontman.  
Killer voice, connects and has the crowd involved all night, dances like a Dad and that’s cool.

This is a show not to be missed by all rock fans.
You’ll be surprised by the amount of hits this band have and their huge show.

Perth, you're next!

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Let's go back to when Ugly Phil chatted to the band before the tour:


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