Angry Anderson Reveals Axl Rose Will Sing On New AC/DC Record

Is it still AC/DC now?

Angry Anderson Reveals Axl Rose Will Sing On New AC/DC Record Image: AC/DC

In an interview with Aussie rock legend Angry Anderson casually dropped a huge bomb.

The Rose Tattoo singer, who isn’t shy of a yarn mentioned a past conversation with AC/DC’s Angus Young which has the music world in a spin, on the news of a new Acca Dacca record in the works.

The new record will have newly appointed singer, Axl Rose on vocals. Rose replaced Brian Johnson after he step down due to health reasons, although since that Johnson has continue to perform live, including a huge performance with Muse and Robert Plant.

Talking to The Rockpit’s editor Mark, Angry said:

“I was talking to Angus earlier last year when we were doing the encores and we were opening for Guns ‘n’ Roses but Angus and I were asked to do the encores and I said to him “What are you going to do?” and he said “Mate I’m writing a new album.” I thought “Cool” so I asked him who was in the band and he said “Axl.” Brian’s not there, Phil’s not there, Cliff’s not there, sadly Malcolm’s not there. And there are these people, and yes it’s sad that the original line-up aren’t there anymore but it’s the songs, people who have supported them all the way through their career they want to hear the songs.”

In an interview last week, JET’s singer Nic Cester revealed he auditioned for the lead, before Axl Rose was appointed the job.