Baby Animals Released A New Track And It Rocking Rocks

They're back!

Baby Animals Released A New Track And It Rocking Rocks Baby Animals Facebook

The mighty Baby Animals are back in a big way, with the release of their rocking new tune Tonight.

We've given it a couple of listens and we love it here in the office.





It's a sure return to form for the band... Suzi in particular is sounding as awesome as ever!


It turns out the song has a special meaning for Suzi, who reportedly wrote it after her father Wally passed away suddenly. This from the press release:

The band was in Suze’s hometown of Perth, and guitarist Dave Leslie remembers a show in Fremantle the band had already committed to, just two days after he died.

“Suze explained the situation to the crowd; I don’t know how she kept it together, but the energy in the room was electrifying – everyone was right there with her. That was the catalyst for the new song.”


As with everything these days, social media gives us a window into how these things are made... just check out the back end of Dave's wail on the last solo of the song.




Rock on to that!


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Written by: @dantheinternut